Ways to Deal With Depression

Whether you call it sadness, down in the dumps, discouragement, or depression, we all do have those times in which we don’t know how to rescue ourselves and our moods are exceptionally flat. No one likes to experience depression. Most people do not know how to handle depression. It would be wise of us to prepare ourselves for when we might find ourselves in the depths of emotional or spiritual pits. The following suggestions or for when a believer finds their life derailed. This is not to ignore clinical depression that may require medication when the chemical in the brain becomes imbalanced.

A good Scripture for us to consider is when Elijah ran away from his ministry in 1 Kings 19. We might ask the question if a Christian has a spiritual flaw or is weak in his faith that causes him to become despondent. The answer to these questions of flaw or weakness or not relevant. Elijah just had a victory on Mount Carmel. God used him in a mighty way. After his victory, Elijah lost the enthusiasm of his victory and suffered what we might call depression today.

God’s response is one that we can follow for ourselves. He provided food for Elijah. It is difficult to raise our emotional level when we are in a state of deprivation. If you are depressed, the first thing to do is to make sure that you eat something even if it’s only half a sandwich. You need to get your body functioning again.

We need to assure ourselves that our relationship with God has not been harmed just because we are in the dumps. We must avoid persecuting ourselves with our own thoughts of negativity. This is a time that’s very important in which we remember that God loves us and knows that we might be going through a tough time. He will not condemn us for being human.

We have addressed our nutritional needs. Then we have addressed our attitude toward ourselves. Next, we need to make sure we get the rest that is so important for us to revitalize our energy. Depression robs us of insight and motivation. We can easily lack the will to act. As we do so, the company and support of other believers is so important whether we confess our depression to them or not. Just being around other believers is important for encouragement.

Look for someone that you admire or is spiritually talented in their growth relationship with God. And join yourself to that person who cares. It is not a matter that that other person has magical words to say. Instead, it is a matter that that person sits next to you quietly waiting for you to talk and that person to listen. There may not be any answers to work through you into this state, but there are answers to get you out of that state.

Of course, we need to remember the importance of prayer and Bible reading. You may not feel like saying anything to God, but the Bible says that the Holy Spirit can make in our behalf groans that cannot be understood. You may not comprehend what you’re reading in the Scriptures, but the fact that you are open to the word indicates movement on your behalf. God cares about you and will guide you and will sustain you while you suffer.

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