Code for the Disenfranchised Christian

  • I recognize that there are problems that caused me to not go back to my home church or to associate with any other church or denomination.
  • I reaffirm that I want to be a born-again Christian. To assure that, I will ask Jesus to forgive me of my sins, come into my heart, and help me to live the Christian life as he would want me to live.
  • In my heart and mind, I offer forgiveness to those that I believe have offended me whether it be in my perception or in fact.
  • I know there is nothing I can do about those that have offended me and that I cannot change history. Therefore, I will not dwell on the past.
  • I promise not to hold a grudge against anyone in my past, particularly those associated with religion whether they be leaders of the church, of the denomination, or members of the congregation. Should I hold a grudge it will do more harm to me than anything I would suppose to the other people.
  • I understand that Jesus died for my sins and not for a group of people gathered together in a building such as a church, arena, gymnasium, or rented space.
  • I promise that if I discover a church that is God led; I will reconsider being on the outside of Christian worship. I know that it is my responsibility according to Hebrews 10:25, to assemble with other believers in worship.
  • I fully intend to be a witness for Jesus and to do my best to win other souls to him for their eternal salvation.
  • As a result of being disenfranchised, I surrender my former service to Christ and allow him to redirect me into a new path where I may be of service to him in the future.
  • I will do everything possible to stay close to God through prayer and Bible study, and by allowing the Holy Spirit to touch my heart.
  • I promise I will not be a gossip, bearer of tales, use malicious language, be hateful in my attitude, or anything else which would distract from my service to Christ.


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