Why did Jesus need to ascend to heaven and not remain on earth?

The reason that Jesus could not be anointed king before his crucifixion is the same reason why he could not stay on earth indefinitely. He had to ascend so that the plan of salvation could proceed. God had more intentions for those who would accept him even beyond the resurrection of Christ. In looking back at history, it would seem so good if Jesus would set up a throne on earth after his resurrection. We are going to explore why he had to ascend.

  1. Acts 1:3 says that Jesus did stay on earth for 40 days and that he spoke concerning God’s kingdom. He wanted to give further instructions to his followers. One example is that he spoke to a group of people totaling 500!
  2. In that same chapter Jesus told his disciples that they were to be his representatives locally and to the ends of the earth.
  3. Again, in that same chapter the Angels promised the disciples in behalf of God that there will be a time in which Jesus would return. He will not stay in heaven indefinitely.
  4. In John 16:7 Jesus explained that he had to leave so that he could send the Holy Spirit in his stead. One of the purposes of the Holy Spirit would be to comfort his followers. Since Jesus was one person, he could not be everywhere in the world. However, the Holy Spirit could be everywhere.
  5. In John 16:13 Jesus says that the Holy Spirit will guide us into truth. In the previous chapter and verse but 26, Jesus says that the Holy Spirit will testify about Jesus so that we might bear witness of him.
  6. In John 14:17 the Holy Spirit will dwell with us and in us as believers since Christ has been ascended.
  7. In the same chapter verse 26, the Holy Spirit will be our teacher and help us to remember things pertaining to Christ.
  8. And so it is, the Jesus was in one body and that body was human. Therefore, he could not be everywhere at the same time. He did his purpose by dying and being resurrected. It was then necessary that the Holy Spirit come and replace him as our comforter, guide, and teacher.
  9. Even so, Jesus will come again and rain forever!
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