The real modern-day church heroes are the ones who persist in their worship of God and serve Christ even if it must be in private for fear of persecution.

Americans have it so easy. Experience no persecution and what discrimination they know is simply political rhetoric. They take the worship of Christ for granted. They assume no responsibility for the necessity of obeying Christ’s commands such as winning the lost.

But around the world there are those congregations and pastors who must worship in secret. Should it be discovered, they would likely be arrested and suffer dire consequences.

How ungrateful we are as Americans that we can freely step into a car, drive to a church building, and sit in plush seats.

What about those in other parts of the world? They likely have no cars. The building where they worship is not ornate. They must speak in whispers. Not everyone has a copy of the Bible.

Even though this is commonly known from the newspapers or sermons in America, there seems to be no burden on the Western hemisphere’s heart. How many people pray for those brothers and sisters in Christ that could at any moment lose their life because they are Christians?

Let us pray earnestly for those secret Christians who have no Sunday school literature or pulpit or piano. Let us pray for their safety. Let us pray for their physical needs to be met. Let us pray for their physical health.

The irony is that the strongest and healthiest church is the one experiencing persecution. Jesus said that if they would persecute him, then take it for granted that a real believer who is dedicated to Jesus will be likewise persecuted.

I congratulate all brothers and sisters around the world for their desire to serve Christ even if the possible cost that could be so severe. Your prayers are strong. Your awareness of the presence of the Holy Spirit in your lives is profound. You are an example to us and, yet, shame us for what we are instead of what we should be.

Thank you, brothers and sisters, under persecution for enduring, suffering, and serving the Lord Jesus. You may not have relief from your persecution and fears. But you have promises from God. Jesus said he would never leave us or forsake us. Stay tightly bound to his promises and you will know what it is to be that special Christian that to me our heroes.

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