The Best Mom in the World

In the Old Testament Scripture of Proverbs 31: 28-31, we have the description of the best mom in the world.  The man that is mentioned in the passage is believed to be Bathsheba’s personal name for her son Solomon.  If this is true, think of the divine grace that worked in her soul.  She carried something that so sadly blotted her memories and yet she became Solomon’s guiding counselor.  Her life was tainted because King David took her to be his wife after having her husband murdered.

It is been said that no nation ever rises any higher than its womanhood.  The description of the woman in this passage has certainly risen to great heights.  She is the example and the influence for all women, whether they be mothers or not.  In looking toward Mother’s Day this weekend, let us look at the description of the best mom in the world.

Verse 28 says that she has influence on other people.  When her children are grown, they will appreciate her even more.  In many cases a mother makes great sacrifices for the children without any thanks.  However, there will come a time in which she is recognized for how wonderful a person she was.  The godly husband demonstrates an admiration for his wife because of the beauty she has in her heart and soul, not just that of her physical appearance.  Her beauty includes a feeling of wholeness.

What a challenge it is for women today to define themselves as a whole person.  Her beauty includes an inner harmony.  She lacks the turmoil that today’s woman daily experiences.  Her beauty includes a certain radiance, a light that shines through her eyes and resounds in her voice.She has an inner strength and self-confidence.  Those outside the home can delight to know that she is so different than most people.  She is to be admired by the general population.

She is the best mom because she has a closeness to the Lord as her secret of living.  Her words, ways, address, and self-discipline come from a relationship she has with the Lord.  She applies that secret while others search for alternatives.  They read books on being a good wife or mother but ignore what the Bible has to say on that subject.  When she works in behalf of her family, she does not see her efforts as a drudgery, but to her it is an expression of love.

This woman is worthy of a reward.  What she is and what she does results with efforts that are worthwhile.  Her tears, heartache, and sleepless nights are an investment into the hearts and lives of her family.  She does not see her tears and agony as a bad thing.  She experiences them as an expression of who she is for her love ones.  What she does is not a mandate.  What she does is because she wants to do it even if it is at a personal cost.  As her children grow older, her influence and words will be remembered by them. Inside the home she takes great care and that care expands elsewhere and beyond.

Best mom in the world is what her family recognizes.  Being the best mom is what she is for others.  Being the best mom is an expression of what is in her heart.  Being the best mom comes from an intimate relationship with God for herself and her family.  Being the best mom is what we celebrate this weekend and say to her that we love her and thank her for being her.

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