The Mathmatics of Evolution

You have two dice and you must roll them until you have two sixes.

On the next table you have two dice and you must roll them until you have two fives

On another table you have two dice and your goal is to roll them until you have two fours.

On another table you have two dice and your goal is to roll them until you have two threes

On another table you have two dice and your goal is to roll them until you have two twos.

On the last table you have two dice and your goal is to roll them until you have two ones.

If you do not roll them in this exact order, you must start over.

Therefore, if you succeed in rolling two sixes but not two fives, you must start over at the first table and roll until you have two sixes and then you may go on to the fives.

Once you have rolled all the dice in the exact order with the exact numbers, you must pick up all the dice and roll them until togetherthey come up with two sixes, two fives, two fours, two threes, two twos, and two one’s.

If you do not succeed the first timerolling all the dice and gaining this order, you must start over.

Now you must go to another set of tables and repeat the same order in rolling the dice.

If you do not succeed in the same set, you must go back to the original table and start over.  So, you must go back to the first table and role two sixes and succeed once again.

How long do you think it would take until you succeeded in rolling all the dice as you are directed?

Would it ever be possible for you to accomplish this task?

This is the theory of evolution.

Each table represents one set of traits in evolution such as breathing air.

The second set of tables represents a different set of traits in evolution.

For instance, a single cell in the water must on its own evolve one trait and that one trait must match the exact sequence of traits in another cell, so that the two cells can come together to create a new creature that has evolved with that new trait that is shared with the other cell.

The Yucca plant and the yucca moth are dependent on each other with the one gaining food and the other gaining pollination.  No other plant and no other moth can satisfy these needs that the mutual set of plant and moth provide to the other.

According to the theory of evolution, it was one cell and then another cell.  They populated to evolve into a plant while at the same time one cell and then another cell populated to evolve into a moth.  Their so-called evolution created a dependence on each other that no other creature and no other plant could provide.  What would make a cell that would eventually become a plant have dependence on an insect that results in unique existence together?

This is what the proponents of evolution offer.  They say, given an unlimited amount of time, you could go through all the assets of tables to create all the traits necessary for a yucca plant.  Then they say, with an unlimited amount of time to go to all the sets of tables and create traits to make a yucca moth.  They cannot explain outside of the physical realm how it is that that a moth and a plant need each other such that all the necessary traits would occur with the plant and the moth in a parallel timeframe for evolution to occur so that their eventual outcome requires them to be partners in life. Unless the moth and plant suddenly appeared at the same time, what would the moth eat or how could the plant pollinate.

It is certainly true that there is something called adaptation.  That means a specific creature living under certain circumstances, such as weather will eventually respond to the circumstances with the change in their own physical condition.  That is not meant to say that they became new creatures.  It simply means that they adapted to the set of circumstances in which they live.  It is not meant that as a change they developed into another and different species, such as a monkey becoming a human.

The reason there is a missing link, is because there is no link.  It is missing from the evolution chart and the museums because it does not exist.  However, there are individual creatures that developed in their own framework so that they had similarities with current humans, like walking upright.  Just because the remains of a creature that have been found and appears to sometimes walk upright and sometimes walk on all fours, does not mean that they have been able to cross over into another species that only walks upright.

No matter how much time is given to the rolling of the dice, realize the impossibility of this task to create all the necessary set of traits to become a certain creature.  There are those similarities that exist among creatures such as the possibility that a fish or snake seems to have had legs.

Of course, the blueprint for the existence of all creatures contains similar traits.  Some seem to have partially developed spines, and some have a full nervous system.  Just because they have similarities still does not give any credence to the possibility that there was evolution that eventually resulted in a creature that had fully developed nervous system.

The theory of evolution requires that creatures can gain a trait miraculously and then jump into a new identity and then jump and jump until they are completely different from what they once were.

Have I proven my point mathematically and logically that the theory of evolution is truly a theory full of unanswered questions and becomes nonsensical when applied to reason?

There is a creator who laid out his blueprint and called into existence all that is.  That creator has accommodated individual species to adapt to certain influences such as weather.  He did not offer a means to jump species or create a whole new species.  Nor did he use evolution as a means to create.

Why is it so hard to allow room in our thinking that the Almighty called things into existence simply because he is Almighty?  Why would he need to use some form of evolution?  If he is Almighty, then he can do anything.  He caused the world to come into being.  He called all the other planets into being.  By his own word he caused all these planets to be suspended in nothingness and rotate around each other to create a universe.

God did not roll the dice in sequence to make things come into being.  He is so Almighty he said, let there be light, let there be the heavens, let there be man.  The truth is, it takes more faith to believe in evolution than it does creation.  According to evolution all the mathematics shown above, over an indefinite period of time by their own initiative individually came into being, while at the same time all the other individual and singular plants, insects, fish, birds, mammals, etc. all sequentially and at the same time came to be.

We can use the evolutionary charts to say how creatures are similar and not similar.  We can look at the charts and say how magnificent is God.  Did he cause these creatures to be just by his power and not viable cells by their own initiative, making themselves into something else just because their environment changed and the circumstances initiated them to become different?  What surrounding circumstances could influence the fish to develop legs?  The fish can swim in the water and does not need legs.  The fish may have similarities between themselves and land creatures, but those similarities do not give evidence that a fish or single cell strove to be more that it was before.

It is not just an unlimited amount of time that is needed.  It is that all the creatures must develop in such a way that they can share the end result of what they are and what has happened in the world.  For instance, if a creature eventually evolved into a cow, then also grass must at the same time grow so that  It would be food for the cow.  If the creature eventually evolved into a shark, it must have the means physically to capture its prey.  However, it must also develop so that it can in a certain way swim to catch its prey.  The creature that supposedly and eventually evolved into a bird, would also need the instinctive ability to build a nest in a certain way, since each type of bird builds their nest in a different way and out of different material.

How could evolution teach these creatures and provide for these creatures to exist and maintain their individual lifestyle?  If we are to say that, it is evolved separately such that a fish could swim and then grow legs to walk, then perhaps we must say that after enough time and eventually a whole different bird came into being.  If each creature would come into existence separately, how can it be explained that they have a need for each other, such as a cow needs grass?

This paper is intended to show that logic stands against evolution and in favor of creation.

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