An Apple and God

There is certainly no pure way to completely understand the Trinity as described in the Bible. God is beyond us, above us in every single way. He is more than remarkable, and his powers are without limit. We best know God through our own spirits because the Bible says that he who would worship him must worship him us in spirit and in truth. However, there is a simple example that can help us somewhat understand the Trinity. God is triune and that is father, son, and Holy Spirit. He is one and yet is three persons. This is beyond comprehension and yet this simple example I would share with you my help to understand God as the Trinity.

An Apple consists of skin, meat and seed. Each of those are distinct one from the other and are still fully Apple. Not one is more Apple than the other. It is from the seed that other apples come because it is buried and comes back to be again. The meat is that which gives nourishment and drink such as the work of the Holy Spirit in a believer’s life. The skin covers all and is protective and makes it recognizable.

Since each are Apple, they are together to be one Apple. There are not three apples, but one Apple. Each has a different function; each is unique and separate from the other such as the persons of the Trinity.

When we speak of an Apple we are speaking of the complete composite of that fruit. Thus, when we speak of God, we are speaking of the total of the Trinity. God the Father, God the son, and God the Holy Spirit are all divine.

When we pray, we are praying to God. Jesus said to know the father is to know him. He also said that he and the father are one. On a third occasion he said that no man comes to the father but through him. It would make sense since Jesus was on earth as our Savior and Lord, we approach the father through him and pray in the name of Jesus. Likewise, it would make sense that the Holy Spirit functions as our teacher, comforter and guide.

The next time you hold an Apple, think of how it represents God Almighty and the Trinity that is the father, son, and Holy Spirit. Avoid any deeper effort to understand the Trinity because God has explained his nature through Jesus, and nothing really needs to be said and nothing else needs to be accepted by us.

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