Two Brothers and a Messiah

There is some discussion the Jesus had no siblings. However, there are scriptures that can be used as reference to verify there was a rather large family. Of course, in the beginning there was Mary the mother of Jesus and Joseph, stepfather of Jesus. The Bible says that Joseph did not know her until after she delivered Jesus. Because Joseph seems to have faded from history, it is believed that he as an older man passed away leaving Jesus, being the oldest brother, to assume the responsibility for the family. It was Joseph who was the carpenter and taught Jesus how to be a carpenter

Refer to the following scriptures: Matthew 1:25, Luke 8:19, 20, John 7:3-5, Matthew 12:46-50. These scriptures can be read both in the Protestant translation and the Catholic translation of the Holy Bible. There is some suggestion that James and Jude were cousins of Jesus and not brothers. However, taking all the Scriptures together and reviewing circumstances, it does not appear to be so.

Instead, we have the time in which Jesus began his ministry. He was crowded about by listeners. His ministry was so intense that the Bible says that his family, including his mother, were fearful for his well-being since it seems that he was stretching himself to the limit.

Again, referring to Scripture and outside sources we have an interesting situation. Imagine that your older brother said that he was God. How would you take that? What would you do with such detail? His brothers did not believe that he was God in the flesh and did not come to that realization until he was resurrected.

Now we must go to the scene of the crucifixion. Jesus looked down to John and told him that he was to assume the responsibility for Mary. John was one of the disciples, that had a God appointed ministry.  Jesus had other plans for his brothers James and Jude. James became the pastor of the Christian church in Jerusalem. The brothers had a new direction to go in their lives once they realized the true identity of Jesus. It must have been a remarkable shock to them for the true identity of Jesus. So, after the resurrection, they became believers. Eventually they each wrote a book that is in the New Testament bearing their names.

In the meantime, they saw Jesus as a traveling rabbi who preached to whomever would listen to him. He did teach in the temple and those willing to listen found him genuine. There were some priests that did accept Jesus as their Savior. One of them was Nicodemus. He and a wealthy man named Joseph of Arimathea were what we might call silent disciples. They wanted to walk both sides of the street. They wanted to follow Jesus, only quietly.

Nicodemus never did go along with crucifixion of Jesus. Joseph being wealthy provided the tomb in which Jesus would lay for three day. Joseph petitioned the right to take Jesus from the cross and bury him.

We have two brothers who were unbelievers until after the resurrection. We have the older brother who eventually was recognized as the son of God. Therefore, we had two brothers and a Messiah. In the same way, some of us may want to follow the good teachings of Christianity, but not publicly declare their faith. Obeying the principles of Christianity does not save a person. The Bible teaches if your faith is genuine you will take a stand for God. You will sometime lead people to Christ or teach them about the truths of Christianity and the identity of Jesus.

How many of those that are reading my blog are willing to step out for Jesus and not be silent followers? How many of those reading my blog will accept Jesus as Savior who was resurrected and defeated death for all of us? How many of my readers will assume a boldness from the Holy Spirit to go into the world whether it be a personal world in the immediate area, or the world addressed by missionaries? It is time that those who claim to be Jesus followers to step up and do their part to win souls for Christ and not be a brother hiding in the shadows wondering who Jesus is. Jesus is the Lord, the son of God, the Savior, and the King of Kings who will come soon. Let us be ready and let us make him proud that we have done our best to serve him.

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