A Worse Pandemic

This is a worldwide pandemic we are experiencing. For me it is hard to think that people in Germany, France, Australia, and everywhere else in the world have endangered lives from this virus. Would you call it foolish for a man to ignore all the warnings of how easily he could get this virus and die? He could have easily seen it on television and read it in the newspaper. Friends and family would tell him not to ignore the warnings.

A worse pandemic has spread to all of humanity from all of time. It is called sin. To define sin, we can say is by nature that human beings do not always want to do what is right and at times they intentionally do what is wrong. Sin is also what has broken our fellowship with the Almighty Creator. The Bible says that he cannot stand sin, and hates it, and rejects it. The saying is God loves the sinner but hates the sin.

How is it that a man would ignore so many warnings about the danger to his soul? I met people that do not seem to care what will happen to them when they die. Recently a man told me that he never thought about it.

This recalls how important is God’s grace and mercy. Grace is a noun that means unmerited favor. Mercy is the action verb that God shows for a man in need. After we are born, we need both. Check with the Bible and see how often it mentions grace from God for person that does not deserve God’s intervention. See how that God helped people through his mercy.

For the person that has not asked God to forgive them of sin but has a desire to live a new life after turning away from the former life, there is hope. To become a member of God’s family, it is through faith to confess sin and believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and Savior. Grace, mercy, and faith go together so that we become a new creation in Christ. This is not a glib step one takes to get out of a tough spot. It is an ambition and a realization that the terms of life are no longer adequate.

Ignoring the warnings of the pandemic is dangerous. Ignoring the warnings for living a life without Christ is much more dangerous. If you are not a believer, ask God right now to come into your heart and give you the means by his Holy Spirit to live a godly life.

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