Silent Carriers of the Disease

Some people are silent carriers of disease. In the case of this pandemic, doctors say a person can show no symptoms and still have the virus. We are told that they can infect the rest of us. It is probable that they do not know they have the seed of disease inside. With such people in our midst, will this ever come to an end?

There are people that appear spiritually healthy, but that is not actually the case. They attend church. They can report a time in which they prayed for God’s forgiveness. However, they are trying to live on both sides of the fence. On Sunday, they are righteous and upstanding Christians. The night before they can be where no one would expect a Christian to be.

So, are they Christians are not? Like the pandemic, do they have the disease or not? In a previous blog, I encouraged people to become Christians. This blog would like to clarify the danger of being infected by the disease of sin.

Not only does it take a person asking for forgiveness from God, but that person must have an attitude of what the Bible calls repenting. The Greek word for repent is like a military term that says to turn about face. If soldiers are marching one direction and then told to become about face, they head in a completely different direction. Praying for forgiveness must accompany the person’s willingness to turn a whole different direction in life. Without such repentance, there is no spiritual rebirth no matter what outward show they want to portray.

It is possible for a person to become a born-again Christian and sin. In fact, Christians sin every day in thought or deed. The contrast between this person and the previously mentioned example is that the real Christian knows better. The unrepentant person sins because it is their nature. The Christian who falls into temptation does it intentionally or by making the decision to step into sinful acts.

The good news is that God forgives both type of people. If a person is pretending to be a Christian and is living a hypocritical life, that person can become born again with a sincere active repentance. That person must begin living a righteous life. The person that knows Christ and allows himself to backslide into sin, can be reinstated by responding to the conviction from the Holy Spirit and ask for forgiveness.

The person that is a silent carrier of the pandemic virus can be tested and treated. The false Christian can respond in a sincere way following the guidance of the Scripture. The backslidden Christian will be censored by God to get his life together and put sin behind him. Which are you? Are you a false Christian or are you now discovering that the promise of eternal life is by coming into the family of God through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

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