Lessons From the Virus

Have we learned any lessons from this virus that has been upon us? We have not been able to be close to people. We have not been able to buy as we normally do. We have not been able to go to church as some would want.

We have been a nation under restrictions. It is likely those restrictions have saved the lives of many people. I am concerned what it will be like socially and spiritually when the restrictions are lifted.

Will we as a nation turn to God in a more sincere manner? Instead, will we return to what we once were with little regard to God, his mercy, and his blessings. God is waiting for each of us and as a nation to learn from this and serve him in a more devout manner.

It would be foolish and irresponsible for anyone to say that God caused this virus. But God can turn bad into good. God can give us opportunities that we would not otherwise have if this virus had not come upon us. He can show us the way to experience real sincerity and devotion to God and country.

It is important, as we hope that in the next few weeks the restrictions are lifted, we do not go back to life as we once lived. Each of us should examine ourselves for what that life was and what it should be better in the future. As tragic as this virus has been, it will be more tragic if we are not elevated to a higher plane of spiritual maturity and devotion.

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