Dancing With the Virus

Dancing in the wind. That is fine if the wind does not blow too hard. Dancing is fine if there are not more important things to do. Such is the situation for the virus.

At the store, at least half of the people take no precautions. It is like they are oblivious to the danger that could attack them. They could be carrying the virus and not know it. This is logical? This is good sense? Absolutely not. They are dancing to their own tune that is, “I do not care, I will do what I dare.”

It does not matter what they are doing if the wind is not too severe that causes injury to others. The wind is unseen and comes and goes as it wishes. Who knows when this virus will go away? Who knows if it will return? All we know now is that the wind is blowing so hard that we cannot leave home without safety measures.

A note to the dancers: dance as you want; bring it on to yourself. Leave the rest of us alone and out of your nonsensical and irresponsible melody.

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