The Virus Sent Me to the Mailbox

So far today I have made five trips to the mailbox. Normally I would make one. In the past I might even forget to go to the mailbox because of other distractions. But why did I make five trips today?

It is not like there is something important that I need to read. Nor am I expecting a reply to a letter that I sent out. No one is trying to contact me about business. No one is trying to impress me. I need not try to impress anyone either. The fact is, I cannot invite anyone into my home. So why have I been to the mailbox five times today? What else is there to do. Unless you count that I am so grateful for the phone calls from my family coming in to check on me, I am here waiting for normal life to begin again. So, here I am watching TV. Soon I will be forced to watch cartoons.

My boredom has turned into obsession. Could it be that I have very few things to occupy my mind? I do have things to do. However, I could do them tomorrow or next week or a month from tomorrow because here I am in my house.

Like everyone else, I am wondering when this will be over. Surely sometime in the future this will be done. I need to be done! Mr. Virus go away.

I just walked in my backyard after bringing the trashcan to the garage. I pulled dead leaves from a plant that will soon put up sprouts. The weeping pussy willow tree that I planted is still alive. On the other side of the yard a bush that would never produce a blossom has started showing forth blooms only after I cut it down to 18 inches from the ground. That is what it needed. At least I will tell myself that.

No grocery store trips. No bowling alleys. No haircuts. No vacations. No airplane rides. No train rides that I really wanted to do. All I am left with is cleaning the house, doing the laundry, cleaning the house, doing the laundry. Organizing and reorganizing. Somewhere along the line I read my Bible and pray.

How about you? What have you been doing? Hopefully, it is constructive. Surely when this is over, we all can say we have a cleaner house and a nicer yard and appreciate our family so much more.

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