All Things Valuable

We have been forced into confinement beyond what we ever imagined. Before the virus, there was a commercial on TV encouraging families to have a meal together without cell phones interrupting the time together. Now we can have meals together without distractions. We may feel confined, but that can bring out good things about us.

There are values we have been forced to notice. We learned that church is the people, not the building. The grocery store and its workers are essential to us. Schools are the fulfillment of lessons, not the endless wondering in hallways. There are some places we know that have become more significant to us. We have things to think about that have been there all long but are now more obvious.

 Our priorities have been rearranged. Lives of loved ones have more value to us. With limited income, we can only buy what is necessary (unless you are Nancy Pelosi who has a $23,000 ice cream cooler). Transportation is not as important now. Home is where our heart must be.

The virus has shaken us. It turned our world upside down. It prevented us from going long distances. It caused us to question why we are really doing what we are doing. It made us look at our neighbors in a unique way. The virus has caused us to be more politically aware. It made us look at our children and grandchildren differently. It made us understand why a hug is so important. Today all I can say is, “air hug,” with my arms extended toward those I wish to hold tight.

Someday the virus will not be among us and only be a memory. Let us not allow positive experiences to also become a memory. We cannot permit ourselves to take for granted the lessons we learned. We must look at the money that we earn as symbolic of time we invest. We cannot forget our family and loved ones. We must go on enjoying each other’s company more than we did before the virus. Most of all, we cannot ignore God as before, but must view him as the source of all blessings and healing. Will your future be a matter of returning to the old ways or will your future be a new lif

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