Worship During the Pandemic

Today is Sunday. It is a Christian day of worship. However, we cannot go to church. We cannot join in song with others. We cannot hear the sermon other than online. If it is a church’s tradition to go forward to the altar, we cannot do that. We cannot put money in an offering plate. We cannot shake hands with ushers. We cannot embrace our friends that sit next to us in the pew. We cannot read the words of songs or Scripture either on the screen or written.

The pandemic has taught us that none of those things are actual worship. All those things are important, and we should not ignore them when the pandemic passes. Putting on a Sunday clothes and driving to the church is our tradition. Seeing the building where friends meet has meaning to us.

The need for worship stays whether in our home or in our building we call a church. Others said so many times, worship is not the building or the books or the routine. Worship comes from our heart and connects our spirit with God. Worship is the desire to offer praise and thanksgiving to God.

More important than the definition of worship, is whether it happens during the pandemic. Is it easy to overlook worship when stuck in our homes. When in our pajamas instead of our church clothes, we can sleep longer and busy ourselves with small projects.

Please keep in mind that we should worship wherever we are. If you do not have the ability to use the Internet for church services, that does not matter. What does matter is that we take time out for God. We confess our sins. We read the Bible. We offer him the recognition of his glory and power. Those who know Christ as their Savior, can go to a private place the house, and seek God because of their intimate relationship with him. Let us make a new pandemic resolution whatever the circumstances where we are, we still worship.

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