World Governments and the Pandemic

All over the world governments have taken control of the private lives of their citizens. One year ago, no one would ever think this was possible. Surely this teaches us a lesson that it is not that difficult for governments to coordinate themselves and dominate people everywhere.

The money system of each of those nations has been virtually frozen. Any effort to make money is now stymied. Where people work and how they receive their medical treatment is under government control.

Those who would talk about the rapture, one world government, the tribulation, and the antichrist might have been ridiculed and ignored in the past. But now we see that this really is not that difficult to occur. All that is needed would be an international agreement on a new monetary system. Then a very charismatic individual could rise among his ranks and be viewed as the savior from the world’s woes.

If you are inclined to consider the biblical prophecy as a potential for the future, let us review the chronology of what the Bible says.

There will be a continuation of wars and natural disasters. Distrust within families and communities will escalate. The idea of Jesus Christ as Savior will be mocked. Christians will be considered the enemy.

Jesus will appear in the sky and the time that it takes for millions of people to disappear and go with him is as quick as it takes light to bounce off a person’s eye.

This charismatic leader will gather more influence and power. He will make a treaty with the Jews to rebuild their temple where now is a mosque. 3 ½ years later he will break that treaty and persecuted the Jews. Any persons that decide to accept Christ as Savior during this tribulation time could be murdered.

We already have in place a credit card system. Like that will be the requirement for people to accept an endorsement as a follower of the antichrist to be able to buy food or other necessary items. It is called receiving the mark of the beast. Our current credit card system is merely a convenience. What will happen in the future will be a requirement.

In the middle of this tribulation time two men will come from God as preachers. At one point they will be murdered and their bodies will be left in the streets for several days so that all the world will see them. We already have a satellite system for anybody in the world to tune into this tragedy.

There will be increasingly worse issues afflicting both humans and nature. It will be so intense that people might seek suicide as a way of escape.

At the end of this tribulation, Jesus will come to earth. Before he only appeared in the sky. When he comes to earth, he will set up his divine kingdom overthrowing the antichrist.

I began this blog by speculating if anyone would accept the sequence of events that the Bible outlines. Now I need to say that you may reject what I just wrote. You may already reject the Bible as your final authority for mankind. You could consider me a radical, but I accept the Bible as truth.

 I am writing this blog to show you how easy it would be for these prophecies to come true. The way the governments have reacted to the pandemic is easily a dry run for the future. If you have not received Jesus as your Savior, I strongly encourage you to do so by asking him to forgive you of your sin and come in your heart. Then, if you are sincere, you will begin living a new life led by and inspired by the Holy Spirit.

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