What the Pandemic Has Taught Us About Government

There is a fear that is worse than the pandemic. There is a condition that could be permanent after the pandemic. There is a consequence that may result months and even years after the pandemic.

It is not that we have lost loved ones affected by the pandemic. It is not that the economy has been destroyed because of the pandemic. It is not that we will have to introduce ourselves again to social interactions.

The longest lasting fear after the pandemic is whether we will have our civil liberties. Will the Constitution of the United States of America be honored again. Some people around the world have become dependent on the government without their permission. They are prisoners in their own country. Will their form of government later treat the people fairly and humanely?

An objective view of government is that it is often the cause and not cure of the citizens’ woes. People are hungry and live in inadequate housing. Will any of these issues change after the pandemic?

The only thing that government can do is print out money and send it to us. In exchange we must stay home and wait for the all clear signal. Before the pandemic, it was a known fact that government cannot accomplish what free people in a free environment can do.

Small businesses around the world support most of the people. What is called the little man is really the big man because without those persons working day in and day out faithfully, the nation cannot succeed. In America, China, Bangladesh, Ireland, Belize, England, Australia, and all the other countries the people are what matters. We need to take a new look at what government has become! We cannot allow it to be our big brother, our economic savior, our rulebook for what is right.

Before the pandemic people elsewhere in the world suffered poor sanitation and poor health. Famines and tribal conflicts have been common. No matter how much charities send to a country, as long as that government is preserved to sustain itself, the people will suffer.

Dictators have assassinated thousands of their own people. They have imprisoned good and upright people who only want to worship God. No form of dictatorship is good for the people. Education is a missing link in so many societies. A quality of life is not a goal for most people around the world.

This pandemic has brought forth a passive attitude toward government. It has shown how dependent we can become for those who decide the laws. We are waiting to see how someone else will give us permission to live our lives, go where we want, and make decisions for ourselves.

There is a stark difference between capitalism and socialism. Will America become a socialist government after all. There is a frightening trend for government to become our overseer and provider of “goods things.” The only true freedom is in the mind and heart of every person who lives under the burden of government. Freedom to make our own decisions and freedom to worship is not granted to us by government, it is God given.

Anything positive that has come out of the pandemic, is that we must be more aware of our need to worship the Almighty God and think for ourselves. The purpose of government is to protect the people from those who would harm us. We must not accept the lies from government. We must not allow those in government who have done criminal actions to go unpunished.

Think twice how you see government and what you are really getting from the government and what you are losing in exchange. Seek first the kingdom of God and his blessings will be added to us whether the government approves or not.

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