Things to do for Her on Mothers Day During the Pandemic

This Sunday is Mother’s Day and you might want to consider some ideas to observe it:

Drop off flowers at her front door with the card.

Have a cookout with in less than 10 people using microwavable potatoes and a vegetable to microwave

clean the kitchen for her

tell her thank you

make a Mother’s Day card using crayon like you did when you were a child

Plant her favorite flower the yard

wash her car

take her for a drive in the country

create a honey do coupon for her to cash in later that she may want from you

if available, send her a fruit bouquet

pick up a 10-person meal from a drive through at her favorite restaurant

tell her that you love her

telephone her if she is not in the same city

ask her to forgive you if you have been alienated from her

purchase for her a copy of a song in the style she likes

visit her grave with some flowers

attach balloons to her car

say a special prayer for her

if you are her husband, help the kids make a card or gift for her

sweep or vacuum the floor

let her watch on TV with her what she wants for the day

read her a Bible verse such as Proverbs 31:10-31

do a chore for her that she normally does

make a yard sign that says “thank you mom”

give her money that she would not expect to receive

look at old family pictures with her

buy her something that she has always wanted

make her a promise and keep it

give her a word of encouragement for a struggle she is experiencing without preaching or solving her problem… Listen to her

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