Virus or No Virus

There seems to be no difference from the conditions about the nature of the virus and when it first struck compared to the current situation. It is likely to be around for a while until medical science can effectively respond to it. People will become ill and a few will die.

There still is the question for why the economy had to be shut down at great cost and injury to our nation. We have seen governors across the country bully their own citizens. The authoritarians have ignored and manipulated our Constitution. The Supreme Court invaded the sanctity of religion.

We cooperated with the dictates of those in power. We allowed our way of life to become limited. We hindered our close relationships by staying away from others.

To the contrary of those who showed themselves for what they are, know that things are changing!

There are limits of toleration by a free people who believe in capitalism. Society demands of itself to be unencumbered.

Our spirit is strong. Our ambition persists. Our love of God and country is self-evident.

With or without a cure, we will move on. We have before us a delightful prospect.

One more thing is needed. Our legislators must wake up and take a stand with the president against China’s deception and economic over lording of the merchandise we buy.

We wait for our legislators and governors to learn lessons from the people.

The prospect is good. Our population is a sleeping giant that is now awakening. We are Americans.

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