It is all about Jesus even Now!

The current events of this world and before the coming of Christ at the rapture is not about us. It is about Jesus Christ when he reveals himself in all his glory. When through his power he brings his church (in Greek it is ecclesia or called out ones) to himself, nothing else will matter from the unhappiness of the world we will leave behind.

Jesus is done suffering. There will not be another cross for him to bear. He is now the conquering King. Christ is the one who will make all things right. He will judge Satan, the demons, the beast, and all that is anti-Christ to him. He will put an end to suffering and pain.

This virus is merely a steppingstone to his plans in the coming near future. He is always in charge and never makes a mistake. His love is the driving motivation to reach out to us in forgiveness and empowerment. Whatever details of our lives are so regrettable, remember that it is for God’s glory.

Recall the story in the Bible of the man who was born blind. The disciples of Christ asked whether the man’s parents or he sinned such that he was born blind. What a powerful response Jesus gave. This man was in the condition that he has suffered all his years for the glory of God. He was there waiting for Christ to come and heal him.

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