Danger, Danger!

Years ago, there was a television show called Lost in Space. Currently there has been a remake of this program. One of the characters was a young boy named Will. There also was a robot that was his protector. He would call out to the boy, “Danger, danger, Will Robinson!”

 All through the series this robot was sensitive to the care and protection of this young boy. He kept him out of trouble and warned him when there was an enemy. The robot made sure that this young boy was well-informed about safety if it be a natural disaster or other beings who could be attacking.

Today, someone must call out, “Danger, danger.” Because of this new normal from the virus things have changed. But things are going to change drastically for the future. In the process of this historical time there are dangers to us besides the pandemic.

People that normally went to church on a regular basis are now viewing their worship service online. However, they may have become accustomed to ignoring the need and purpose of worship. Hebrew Christians 2000 years ago needed to be reminded of the importance of corporate worship. In one verse it says, “Do not forsake the assembling together of yourselves.”

With the constant barrage on TV and even at retail locations our ears are bombarded with the number of people that have been diagnosed with the virus and presumably the number of people that have died from the virus. Will this cause Christians to become accustomed to illness and doubt the healing power of Christ?

It always has been in current America a lack of witnessing for Christ. Not everyone who professes to be a Christian, actively speaks of their faith in public and encourages other people to accept Christ as their Savior. Since the government has told us not to fellowship one with the other, it is even less likely that the gospel will be spread to others and offer support to each other. After the pandemic is over, will the Christian maintain or resume a concern for the eternal destiny of others?

The government has issued mandates requiring everyone to wear masks and stay 6 feet apart. Initially this seems logical and appropriate. However, this writer is amazed how easily the general public is willing to give up their freedom and rights. We have fallen in line like little ducklings following their mommy. I am not criticizing the idea of wearing masks. I am concerned about how easily everyone quickly obeyed without question or without substantiated evidence.

Look back in history and see how dictators desensitized citizens by requiring minor things and then more and more serious things. When the pandemic is over, will we demand the government officials no longer govern us? We as a free people are not to be governed, but the government is to function as we decide for us, not over us!

No one knows for sure exactly what laws have recently been put on the books that could affect us years from now. Even the governor of Ohio originally claimed his authority by an edict in the 1800s. Will our Leaders In the future fall back on laws that were created to deal with the pandemic and then use them for their own purposes to oversee us and dominate us?

How is it the governors declare themselves with more power than originally allotted to them? Is this a prophecy of the future for how government will function? Why is it that many people around the world in power seem to be coordinated with each other and issue the same the demands on the people? They claim to give the statistics, but they don’t tell us how those statistics came to be. What is behind and what is the purpose for all this coordination? The questions I am now asking is not conspiratorially thoughts, but legitimate concerns in which I cry danger, danger!

The biggest concern of all is that people around the world do not realize how much of what is happening could likely be part of biblical prophecy. The Bible plainly says that no man knows when Jesus will return. However, Jesus himself gave indications for when that could be as it approaches. There are no prophecies yet to be fulfilled. Do you understand? Some prophecies were made a thousand years ahead of time and came true. Now, all prophecies have come true. Search out the Bible and you will find no prophecies yet to be fulfilled.

In fact, the entire stage is set for what people commonly refer to as the end of the world. They are mistaken to look at it as the end of the world completely. They are correct in declaring it to be the end of the world as we know it.

Those who have Jesus Christ as their personal Savior can expect at some time to be suddenly and without warning to be caught up in the air to meet him and be with him for eternity. How quickly will this occur at that time? How long does it take to be contaminated by the virus in this pandemic? The Bible says it a different way. It will happen so quickly that will be the amount of time it takes for a light ray to bounce off a person’s iris.

The result is, there will be no time to bargain or bicker. Either a person is a believer and had his sins forgiven even though we all sin daily and must ask forgiveness daily, or a person is not a believer and has little concern for the destiny of his own eternal soul.

The Bible gives prophecies that those people left behind will live under terrible circumstances. They will be required to participate in what is called in Scripture, The Mark of the Beast. We have the technology for that to occur right now. On his television show, Dr. Oz bragged about a new procedure in which a person could have a chip inserted into the wrist. That chip would contain everything about them.

It will have their health history, their insurance coverage, and other information that we hold as private. If you do not believe me, get on the Internet, and see how he says this. For those who refuse The Mark of the Beast, because they have decided to become a believer in Christ, they will be denied the necessities of life and they cannot buy or sell. A portion of those people who gain spiritual wisdom and become a believer will be physically persecuted and some killed. “Danger, danger!”

A grave concern is that many people will not give a second thought to what I am saying. They will go about their ways, submitting to the demands of government like people who are no longer free. They will have no issue for their spiritual condition or those of their family. They will enjoy the subsidies that the government gives. They will not give it a second thought where that money came from. We are so much in debt as a nation, that is now foolish to talk about a balanced federal budget.

The Bible also gives prophecy about wars and rumors of wars, turmoil, and families turning against each other. Maybe the idea of wars is not the way we originally thought, maybe the idea of wars is anarchy and civil uprising and discarding commonsense laws for the safety and protection of the general public.

It is a danger to the way our government functions for when people are so wealthy that they can afford to manipulate a whole nation. It is a danger to the way of our government functions for when a political party has gone berserk. In the book of Isaiah, there was another prophecy that there will be a time in the future in which right will be wrong and wrong will be right. It certainly seems we are living in that time when the mayor gives over a whole city to anarchy.

Abraham Lincoln said while quoting the Bible, “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” If ever America was so divided and so disingenuous, it is now. Common sense and reason must return whether the pandemic is over or not. We must look at ourselves and ask whether we are maintaining a healthy and righteous life when quarantined or not. We must look at ourselves and ask how much we are wanting God to help us to grow spiritually and not just praying that he ends the pandemic.

Without heading these warnings of, “Danger, danger,” our country will never return to the glory it has once had. It must begin at the grassroots. It must begin as people who believe and trust in God who maintain and seek an oath to him. Folks, we are in trouble!

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