feet are funny looking things

Feet are funny looking things. They stick out from the bottom of our legs. They get where we are going before we arrive. They have things on the toes called nails. Why are they called nails? Seems to me they should be called plates. You cannot nail anything with a toenail. To be honest, there really are no beautiful feet. Other parts of a person’s body can be beautiful, but not the feet. The irony is that we need the feet because without them we would have no balance and would topple over. They are the foundation on which we stand.

That is the same for our country. If we have no good foundation on which to function, we will topple over. The question is, “what is the foundation of America now?” There was a time in which a handshake was as good as a contract. There was a time in which a man’s word was as good as the man’s character. There was a time in which God was respected and honored.

We now have chaos and anarchy. Instead of peaceful protests statues are knocked over and businesspeople have a likelihood that they will be invaded by robbing mobs. No one is talking about a foundation on what our country stands.

There was a time in which the Constitution was respected as a static document. All questions regarding the rights and convictions of citizens is reflected by the Constitution. Now the Constitution has been turned into a fluid document. What it says does not necessarily matter for society anymore! In fact, the whim of social pressure and political correctness has led to a new dictate for how we are to live.

What is the answer to the confusion and hatred in our society? The simple fact is that if America turned back to using the Bible as a basis for living, there would be no chaos. The Bible says to love our neighbor and even love our enemy. It says to be kind one to another. It says to forgive and forgive more. The future of America is hanging on a spiderweb. History has taught us that when there is no solid foundation for a country that country will fall. Many strong nations in the past were dominant and impressive, but they abandoned their principles and went a sad way. They shrank into virtual nothingness with little influence in the world. If the citizens in America do not wake up and abide by a sound foundation, the future of America is di

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