An Orchestrated Attack From Within

Below is the blog that I intended to post, but I must first a this preamble. Those who are familiar with biblical prophecy can have a better understanding of these comments and I will keep them short. The Bible says the next thing to happen is the rapture of those who trust Christ as their Savior. They will be taken out of this world in mass to heaven. Then the antichrist should appear out of Syria according to the book of Daniel and the tribulation will begin. For these things to occur America cannot be a strong nation to resist the appearance of the antichrist. Take heart by friends, we may not know the exact time and day, but Jesus is coming soon!                                                                                        

Yesterday’s invasion of the capital building by members of Antifa have indirectly pointed out some inequities between citizens and lawmakers. Nancy Pelosi changed the rules to make it more difficult for the Republicans. Who changes the roles just as the game is being getting? This is typical of how Congress has operated. But let’s get down to the nitty-gritty!

Here is a list of some inequities and differences between lawmakers and you and I:

  1. They can work as long as they want on their jobs (lol) as long as they have a constituent that is disloyal to America and the Constitution. They continue to get voted in time after time.
  2. If they work only two or three terms, they get full retirement. How many of us can work 6 to 12 years and get a full retirement?
  3. No matter what healthcare program they impose on the general public, they have their own special healthcare program. Why is there is not the same as ours?
  4. They get free daycare for their young children. That would be a nice perk for us, but the employer could not afford to pay us a salary and the cost of daycare.
  5. In the case of some of the so-called leaders, they get their own private airplanes free. Would you not like to fly anywhere anytime for free?
  6. They pass legislation with many secret attachments that most people never discover. This time we found out what they were doing with the six hundred dollar checks in the billions of dollars going overseas. Why can they not just pass legislation for the intent that it was designed without attachments?
  7. They have a multitude of staff provided for them for free paid by the government. I would love to have had my staff paid for free to me.
  8. There are placed on committees as favors for their loyalty to the party even though in many cases they have no idea what they’re doing and had no background experience to do it.
  9. Yes, the Antifa invasion should not have occurred yesterday, but it did demonstrate that legislatures have their own rules and probably predetermine the outcome by using those rules. If you do not believe this, wait to see what happens at the end of all this process.
  10. All their expenses and costs are paid for by the citizens even though in many cases our expenses are not tax deductible.
  11. It is a proven fact that people on both sides of the aisle have gone into politics with a minimal income and come out millionaires. Would not that be great to start a job and a few years later be independently wealthy?
  12. Their average salary is much higher than what most citizens make in comparison and yet they want to tax us more and more. See what happens if Biden gets in!
  13. What they say is considered by most people automatically to be true and accurate but if they are caught lying it said they miss spoke though whereas if any of us were caught lying on the job we would be fired or even prosecuted.
  14. They have free liberty to cast disparaging remarks on people’s character without repercussions. If you told a lie about somebody’s character, what do you think would happen to you?
  15. They expect us to live by laws that they make up and have no intention to obey themselves.
  16. Of late they have considered that we need to be governed instead of following the Constitution that says they work for us and do not rule us.
  17. They take long vacations in between their sessions unbeknownst to most people whereas some of us are lucky to get a long weekend off from work.
  18. They make every little effort they can to do their job such as having full knowledge of what they are going to use as criteria on which to vote. If you were in a committee meeting on your job and didn’t know what you were talking about and didn’t know the details and voted anyway, what would be the consequence for your career?
  19. They get to go to expensive parties all paid for by the American people.
  20. They may dictate to us such as wearing a mask when they do not obey their own dictates and go to an expensive restaurant without a mask with a large company of friends and yet there’s no consequence.
  21. People like the Clintons have openly committed crimes for years and have suffered no consequence, but in fact have gone on lecture tours and written books that added millions to their pocketbook.

The American people are angry and disgusted and revolted by what they are discovering actually happens in Washington DC. More and more people are finding out these facts. Yet, we seem helpless to do anything about these things and they go on their merry way enjoying their luxury living. Should there be a revolt of the American people against its own government, it must not just include response to a crooked voting process. It must include Reformation of the above so that legislators do not consider themselves or act like they are better than we are. They are supposed to answer to us, but they don’t, and we don’t require them to answer to us.

If we are going to revamp our government, these twenty-one items must be included. An entire topsy-turvy must occur so that equity is equal between those people who work for us and we who pay their salaries.

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