The House Is Burning Down!

Today’s events will determine the future of America as a nation and that of each individual adult and child. Our Congress is debating whether or not the votes are legitimate as cast for the next president. Accusations have been made by Pres. Trump and other lawmakers that more people supposedly voted in some states then are eligible to vote. Many thousands of people in the grave have voted. People in prison are not eligible to vote and yet they did. The voting machines have been rigged in favor of Joe Biden!

If today’s actions fail, two questions quickly arise. How will the consequence of the socialist regime affect our private lives such as increased taxes and non-gender specific use of bathrooms? Many of the successful steps taken by Pres. Trump will probably be reversed. He has not been given credit for multiple treaties between previous enemies. China will have a great dominance over the American process. We could even say that America is becoming a colony of China.

The second question is almost more important. What do we do? Our votes have been suppressed. Our voices have gone unheard. Our facts have been ignored. In a socialist regime the average citizen is denied due process. The major factor that will make a difference for us is God’s intervention. Since voting has already been stolen, future voting may not make a difference! We are in a position in which we must call on God with all our heart, soul and mind. Not only is it time for loyal patriots to stand out boldly and for the Republican Party to find a spine, but it is also time for all professing Christians to seek the face of God more than they ever have before.

The Democrats do not deny that they are radical. They have even changed the language to be used in the House of Representatives so that it does not indicate gender specific. For instance, a man is not called a father, but he is now called a parent. This is the time that separates the men from the mice. The line has been drawn in the sand. Our talk must match our walk. It is up for each of us individually to have a new determination to be the kind of person we want others to see us to be. It is one thing to be called a Christian. It is another thing to do the Christian life. Whatever happens by midnight tonight, my call is still for us to be true Christians and be careful how we live, to be bold patriots regardless of the socialist regim

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