The Next Two Days Are Critical

My apologies to all those in foreign countries who read my blog because I must say this: Today and Wednesday will be historical times for America. The way our government is arranged, we have the president, the House of Representatives which is supposed to represent the population, and the senators which are supposed to represent the states.

Two extremely important problems will be addressed in the next forty-eight hours. This evening will determine what political party will dominate the Senate. Wednesday the accusations of voter fraud will be addressed at the time the next president is recognized; however, the current Pres. Trump has the large backing of American people and he is determined to continue on as its president.

I have noticed that not only in America, but virtually all over the world, the above Bible verse is being played out on the community and national level of each country. The difference between right and wrong is becoming so clouded that what our children think is dynamically opposite of what our grandparents believed. Some people want to rewrite our history. I say what’s wrong with the way things have been and how history has been believed?

Those who want to rewrite history are not doing it to correct the facts. They were doing it to focus their agenda on unsuspecting and sometimes mindless persons. Generally speaking, all over the world everyone has believed that right is right and wrong is wrong. Now the opposite is occurring and is actually the fulfillment of the above prophecy.

Today and Wednesday are the showdown times for what clearly is right to be right and wrong to be wrong. There is a phrase that has been taken out of the cowboy history that says, “It is the showdown at the okay corral.” The very fiber and future of America will be determined this week. Even though you as readers of my blog may not live in America, or you actually do, this is time for serious prayer that God will intervene in our society.

The biggest correction is how we view and relate to the Almighty God. Perhaps because our relationship with him has become so distorted, that distortion has filtered down into everyday interactions. People do not think of God the way earlier Americans did. As a result, an evolutionary change has occurred in the thinking of the average citizen. Right is not always right and wrong is not always wrong. So much has become gray. Whether it be how teenagers display their attitudes or how politicians seek to gain personally in money and power, the concept of right has become blurred and it will take today and Wednesday to force our country into a time warp.

We must learn this lesson and will do it the hard way. Instead of bruises on her knuckles, we should have calluses on her knees. Instead of trying to change our country where everybody wants to immigrate, I say to those who want to bring harm to our nation, “Leave us alone and if you don’t like America as it is, get out of the land that I love and go somewhere that matches how you think things should be!”

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