To Save Our Country

If God is to save our country, we must confess our sins. We must humble ourselves before him. We must dedicate ourselves to live righteous lives before him. We must reach out to others around the world to point to the salvation that is in God. What sins must we confess, you ask. They are many!

  1. Even among evangelicals the divorce rate is excessively high.
  2. Again, we must point out the horrors of human trafficking.
  3. We have been repeatedly desensitized over that which is unhealthy in our spirit and our mind.
  4. We have set poor examples before our children.
  5. We have neglected routine devotion and submission and worship to the Almighty God.
  6. We have been so encroached in materialism that it has become our god.
  7. We have shown unkindness to our neighbors and declare falsely what we claim.
  8. Our heroes of the war behind us have been mistreated and many are homeless.
  9. Ministers and pastors of all types of clergy are no longer held high respect.
  10. Pornography and sensuality have overtaken our entertainment.
  11. We have sought only that which is stimulating but not that which is stabilizing.
  12. Many homes have only one parent contrary to God’s original intent.
  13. The idea of marriage has been mocked and avoided by couples living together.
  14. Lies and perversions and deceptions are rampant in our society.
  15. Cheating is now only considered a way to get ahead financially and by recognition.
  16. We give money to charities that have no concern about those who need.
  17. The concept of worship has become a routine of entertainment without heartfelt contrition.
  18. We build monuments of worship in huge buildings and mega churches without building people.
  19. Foul language, cursing, and taking God’s name in vain, are common part of conversation.
  20. Kindness is an unknown commodity in relationships.
  21. Justice is only that which we can prove to our benefit without truth.
  22. Teachings of cultism are accepted as scientific ways to meditate and resolve calmness within.
  23. The expression of love has become only a way to manipulate the opposite sex for gratification.
  24. Honor to God has only been related to the necessities of ceremony.
  25. Self-deception for personal goodness is only on a scale designed by self.
  26. Humiliating others is acceptable without repercussions.
  27. Charity is a tax deduction.
  28. The day of worship is decided as the time which is most convenient.
  29. Sacrifice and inconvenience for God is done by a few people only.
  30. Selfishness is no longer considered a major negative trait.
  31. The themes of our entertainment centers around murder, robbery, rape,  gangs, drugs, alcoholism, fractured families,  incompetence and parenting, and abandonment.
  32. Qualities of righteousness and goodness and honor are mocked.
  33. Humor is telling dirty jokes and harm to other people.
  34. Respect to the presidency and our flag is disregarded by court order.
  35. If lies are told often enough and sincerely enough they are accepted as truths.
  36. Healing of mind and spirit is conducted by practitioners who themselves are incompetent when it comes to relating about healthy thinking in healthy spiritual life. In fact, secular therapists are no longer allowed to talk about God as a matter of form.
  37. The idea of salvation is melted to a level of following a spiritual concept.
  38. Evangelism is seen as radical thinking and an invasion on another person’s life.
  39. Praying must now be politically correct for fear of repercussions.
  40. Reading of Scripture is infrequent so much so that the Holy Spirit no longer can teach.
  41. Splurging of billions of dollars to go overseas or out of space is a misdirection.
  42. The value of life is become so diminished that a baby can be murdered even after it is born.
  43. Without knowing when life begins, the pre-born person can be slaughtered.
  44. Self-respect is a diminishing quantity and quality of life.
  45. When in trouble or pain we think of turning to God and then only as a last resort.
  46. Gluttony and excess by adults and children is not considered a sin even though it’s mentioned in the Bible.
  47. Gossip and the diminishing of another person’s character is a little noticed in our society.
  48. The more a person owns the more the person is respected.
  49. Church Bible studies have been replaced by fun and social groups.
  50. Words like honor and trust and devotion are fictitious to many people.

Of course, these do not all apply to all people, but some do apply in some way to many. We have been through very difficult political trying times. Many of us fear the outcome. The only way to sustain ourselves is to rise above it is through God. Search this list and see how many of the things do apply to you. Seek God’s face in repentance and asked forgiveness and live the life that he intended for us to live.

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