What If I Am Wrong?

For several blogs, I have discussed the return of Christ in which the next thing to happen is the rapture which is the calling away of believers to heaven with Christ. I still believe this; however, it is my own personal understanding of Scripture and the process of prophecy.

There are others who believe in the rapture but it will not be the next thing to happen. What if I am wrong? One of the other doctrines is that there will be the beginning of a seven-year tribulation throughout the world and in the middle of that time will occur the rapture. One of the reasons for this thinking is that the actual severity of the tribulation will not take place until the second half of the tribulation.

According to this thinking, there will begin a severity of time in which evil takes over the world and that is the first thing to happen in prophecy. Therefore, those who know Christ as their Savior will still be here to suffer the first three and half years of tribulation. During that time there will be a dividing of the population of the world for those who will support the international evil dominance were resist it.

Another part of the population will refuse. What makes the difference is what the Bible calls accepting the Mark of the Beast. That Mark will be applied to a person’s face or hand. Already there is software even at a grocery store in which a person can pay their bills by allowing the scanning of their iris.

In a television program, Dr. Oz was so pleased to announce that there is the means to implant something into a person’s wrist that will have everything about them even including their medical information.

But do not allow me to wander too far in my explanation. I wish to compare current worldwide circumstances to the second doctrine for the future of the world. Let us review what is happened in this last thirteen months.

When the news came on of this virus, it was reported immediately that it was the pandemic even though there were only a few people from China on American soil. It is interesting to me how that they could predict a pandemic when just a few people were ill. That is, unless they planned it this way. Yes, I am talking as if I believe various conspiracy theories. Remember, they may be true, or they may not. But what if they are?

Then-President Trump issued orders about those who might want to come to the United States. He was immediately criticized for doing this and then during the election he was criticized for not doing it soon enough.

Just days past when my governor of Ohio demanded that we wear a mask without explaining how the mask would work. He even accepted a handkerchief as a mask. The next thing he said is that people were not to gather with more than ten in a group. Where did he get the number ten?

This governor set up a system in which people could report on other people for not wearing the mask. Then he wanted to establish what he called a tracer in which the afflicted person would identify those with whom he has been in contact.

Not only this governor but many governors demanded the churches close and a large percentage of them did. That current Supreme Court at the time overruled the governors and said the people according to the Constitution had free right to worship.

Certain businesses were closed while others were allowed to remain open. For instance, a restaurant had to close while a stripper dance club could remain open. Already I hope you are seeing an inconsistency in the demands of governors.

Bringing ourselves up to more current times, social media has cooperated with the government that may be established January 20 and exiled the President of the United States and his followers from the use of this media. In addition, people who demonstrated at the capital building, but did no damage and did not inject themselves into the building, went home to find that their jobs were no longer available.

How does this all relate to the idea of the future? Go back to remember that during that future time there will be a worldwide common dominance of everyone’s daily life.

During that future time people will be required to accept the Mark of the Beast or face commercial and personal repercussions. They will not be able to buy or sell.

Everyone is expected to be under the control of the government. Is not a mask compliance equal that to that?

Only certain businesses will be able to operate.

Normal worship experiences will not occur unless it is in secret. It is at church where people communicate, and it has been through the social media how people communicate. By closing these two options it will complicate how those who want to be in resistance can share their ideas.

Should that secret worship happened, it will reflect the demand that only ten people could meet together.

In our lifetime, those in power are considering enforcing their will on the people through the military. If so, that will be an easy thing to do during the first half of the tribulation.

It really does not matter whether I believe this, or you do not believe this. What matters is that the system is already in place to make it happen. What matters is to answer the question are we ready for government dominance over us and are we ready for whenever the time is that Jesus comes back? Those who do not know Christ as Savior will experience the second half of the tribulation which is the worst.

My friend, this is not a time to dwell on conspiracies as they may be true or not. This is the time to dwell on our preparation to meet our Creator. That is the most important thing. Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior? Have you asked him to forgive you of your sins and come into your heart so that your spirit is a new creation? Please, by reading this blog, prepare yourself spiritually and relationship wise and personally.

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