Important Re-write: what do we do?

Let’s be logical about this pandemic. There are observations and findings that could help us understand what is going on. There is also a sequence of events that have occurred. In addition, certain facts are contradicted by other certain facts.

The very first news item about the pandemic occurred when a few people were ill on the West Coast. At that time the media prematurely said this was a pandemic. How would they know it was at pandemic when this only a few people? Check that news report and see this is true. Why is the media so complicit in this?

Shortly thereafter, people on a cruise ship were not allowed to disembark even though they were not ill. Some people did get ill and some never got ill. Eventually, everyone was allowed to disembark. However, there was no proof that this virus continued to spread from those who had been ill.

It is verifiable that people who died and had pre-existing conditions were said to have succumbed to the virus even though it was from a pre-existing condition. How is it differentiated from who died of what and while there was no effective way of verifying this?

The most amazing and nonsensical example of the demands from government about the virus is that people must wear a mask to go into a restaurant, but when the customer sits down, he naturally must remove the mask to eat. How can the virus be controlled by a mask worn 25 feet and then the wearer of the mask removes it, but the virus does not yet spread everywhere in the restaurant? This is downright silly.

Then we have cashiers, bank tellers, and other service providers that must hide behind a Plexiglas shield. How can air movement be restricted to what is on this side of the Plexiglas and not drift around the rest of the room?  (A side issue makes this even more preposterous when the President of the United States said he was going to restrict oil production while people hide behind Plexiglas. Apparently, he does not know that Plexiglas is made from oil. Mr. President, I guess you’re the only one that thinks you can have it both ways.)

How is it that this virus is so dangerous yet 98% of the people that get it recover? How does that fit the definition of a pandemic?

What makes the true problem so terrible is that one area of the country demands severe restrictions, while other areas of the country do not demand such restrictions. The less restrictive areas do not have a massive contagion problem.

There has been no way to verify for certain that people died of the virus. However, now people are having serious side effects after taking the shots. It is the old cliché that the cure is worse than the illness!

One of the consequences of government demands? First, legislators have been bypassed by government edicts or mandates. There is no law and there is no consequence to breaking a law that doesn’t exist and there is no authority to issue a mandate. Even though this is true, people have been punished for not doing what they were illegally told to do.

So, what do we really have? The government has flexed its muscles over naïve and submissive people and that demonstrates our population all over the world can so easily be manipulated just because it says this is necessary. How curious it is that all the world leaders are singing the same song. Why? Maybe the songwriter is the person of Evil!

The above observations are facts! We have a worldwide boy in a tree claiming the sky is falling and everyone is taking precautions.

My next point is biblical. The book of Revelation clearly foretells that the Antichrist will demand people to take what is called the Mark of the beast on one’s forehead or hand. I ask you what is the difference between government saying we must succumb to its mandates under the environment of a presupposed pandemic and that of prophetic demands from the government as indicated by a certain mark?

Can you not see that this so-called pandemic is actually a dress rehearsal for the coming Antichrist and his mark? Already people of all countries, races, cultures, and religions have succumbed to these government demands.

See how easy it is for the dumbed down population to be manipulated in preparation for what happens in the near future when evil reigns in full force!

I have not manipulated any details. I have merely followed a sequence of recent history. I have made an observation of that recent history in comparison to coming fulfilled prophecy. What is the answer?

The answer may or may not be to wear a mask, but more importantly the answer is to be sure you’re right with Christ so when the projection of what really is going to happen does occur.

Even now there are those who believe we should have a chip placed in our body to indicate our medical history. Even now, at this very moment, there are people in the country that advocate a so-called virus passport to show that the shots have been taken.

There are results for all this. The first is that we have tragic picture of how the general population can so easily be manipulated. The second is we have current efforts in the legal system to take our freedoms from us without due process. The third point is the frightening reality that prophecy is becoming more and more likely to be fulfilled in the near future. This is not playtime. This is very real and very serious even to the state of your own eternal soul.

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