Something May Be Missing During This Pandemic

Perhaps you call yourself a good person. It might be that you even see yourself as righteous. You do all that is expected of you at your place of worship. Other people see you as upright.

However, without realizing it, there may be something missing in your spiritual life. That which is missing could very likely be that which is missing to many other people of high character.

That which may be missing could prevent you from having a closer relationship with God. Maybe you have become comfortable in how you see your life. That comfort can be deceiving.

Do not be satisfied with the status quo in your prayer life and the way you walk in life. Here is a verse in the Bible that is challenging yet enriching. Here is an element in the recipe of goodness. These simple words should not be overlooked because they are the icing on the cake, the fine-tuning of your driving force, and the excellency of prayer.

Psalm 33:1 says, “Rejoice in the LORD, O ye righteous: for praise is comely for the upright.”

Praise and thanksgiving are easy to offer to the Lord when things go well, when prayers are answered. But, what about the gloomy times in the days of hardship, the days that bring bewilderment, and the days of hurt?

Praise the Lord always during all seasons, and under all circumstances is vital. Praise is how you connect your caboose to the power of the rest of the train as you go forth. Praise is the recognition that God is all-powerful and can be relied upon wherever you go and why and how you go.

This is not saying that under all circumstances we offer praise to God for the bad that comes into our lives nor the hurts that we feel. However, that which is unwelcome and teach powerful lessons and open new doors. We could learn more about ourselves in duress then during the comfort of mental peace. It is during those days that we demonstrate the strength of our faith and the recognition of who God really is to us.

Praising God is not for something or because of something. Praising the Lord is from the open heart just because how God is revealed to us. Praising the Lord is a means to an end. Praising the Lord is to give him that which is owed to him.

To give praise to God throughout the day can be comforting and shows that we truly are thankful. Praising God allows us to sit on the lap of our heavenly father with his arms wrapped around us.

Whatever you think, whatever you pray, the most important thing is to offer praise to God. Whether you are happy or sad, enjoying the moments in life or hating that which is before you, still praise the Lord!

During the stress of this pandemic, the shots, the masks, the mandates of government, and the world governments of the future; praise the Lord anyway. Praise him because he desires praise, and you know him better today than you did yesterday. Praise him just to praise him. Praise him to enjoy the words coming from your mouth and your mind and the depths of your soul. Praise him to give forth all that is within you. Praise God because you want to praise him.

Praising God can cause you to look through the tall weeds that are the challenges you face. Praising God indicates that you have a direct line to the Almighty Creator of everything. Praising God is done because you simply want to praise him. Praising God is a redirection away from the negative. Give glory to him as a means to knock away the clutter of life. Give your requests to him, but more importantly, praise him.

Praise the Lord! Let all the earth praise God.

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