Refused to Kneel

A former Virginia Tech woman’s soccer player is suing her former coach because she was allegedly benched and forced off the team because she didn’t want to kneel.

Kiersten Hening was a midfielder/defender for the Hokies from 2018 to 2020. She claims in her lawsuit that the coach, Charles Adair, was not a fan of her political views and she was removed from the team by him because of this.

From The New York Post: 

In the lawsuit, Hening said she “supports social justice and believes that black lives matter” but she said she “does not support BLM the organization.” Hening added that she disagrees with Black Lives Matter’s “tactics and core tenets of its mission statement, including defunding the police.”

Hening said during the pregame reading of a “unity statement” on Sept. 12, 2020, many of her teammates knelt before their game against Virginia, but she remained standing and she was “verbally attacked” by Adair at halftime.

Adair allegedly pointed a finger “directly in her face” and said that she was “b–tching and moaning.” Hening added that Adair said she was being selfish and individualistic for “doing her own thing.”

Adair continued to target Hening with verbal rants before benching her, the lawsuit stated. According to Hening, things got so “intolerable that she felt compelled” to leave the team.

Hening is alleging in her lawsuit that her 1st amendment rights were violated by the coach and is seeking an undisclosed amount of money. She is also demanding that the judge order coach Adair to put her back on the team.

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