The Law of the Gap

The law of the Gap is necessary because a passage of Scripture does not seem to run together chronologically or by theme. Something seems to be missing. A verse may make a general statement followed by what seems to be specifics. The problem with the specifics is that they do not match the previous Scripture.

A good example of this is Genesis 1:1 in which it says, “in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” There are three stipulations of this verse. In the beginning refers to the beginning of God’s activities. God created by his ability to conduct an activity. The heaven and the earth are the object of his activity.

This verse tells us that there was a time before time in which God decided to do something. This is when it was a dateless past. The very beginning of the Bible tells us that God has absolute power to call into existence that which previously was nonexistent.

It is important to know that God created heaven and earth, but the description of earth in verse two does not match that of the first one. It can easily be seen that there is something missing between verse one and two. It is my suggestion that the events of Isaiah 14:12-17 are what happened between verse one and two.

Isaiah tells us that there was a time in which Satan was a beautiful Angel, that he became prideful and was responsible for what we now know as sin. To examine the sin of Satan, we see that he put his will above that of God’s. He wanted to make his own decisions and see himself differently than his original purpose.

This is sin! Whatever we do that puts ourselves above God and makes our decisions and behavior contrary to God’s intent, is sin. The sin of Satan separated him from God. The sin of mankind separates us from the fellowship with God. Sin is not just doing something naughty. It is an attempt to bring God down and put ourselves up above him through our desires and ambition.

By connecting the Isaiah passage with Genesis, we can see that God created the heaven and the earth, but Satan was cast out to earth because of his sin. The consequence was that the earth became void and without form. Darkness ruled over the earth. It was not until the second half of verse two we realize that God’s Spirit moved to make creation pleasing to God.

This gap between verse one and verse two required us to search out other passages of Scripture and learn what happened in so many millennia gone by. Another example of the law of Gap Is the end of chapter 3 in the book of Revelation and the beginning of chapter 4. There is a complete shift in the biblical record from the letters of Jesus to the seven churches to the following experiences of John. Jesus was talking. Beginning in chapter 4 John is talking. Observe the shifts of time, place, and persons involved to better appreciate the scripture you are reading.

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