Biden is Guilty of Treason!

I say that Biden is guilty of treason not as a political position, but as an observation of its definition and how it relates to his position in office as indicated by his oath to protect the Constitution.

The definition of treason is The betrayal of one’s own country by waging war against it or by consciously or purposely acting to aid its enemies. There is no doubt that Biden has purposely created an atmosphere that enables our enemies to attack us. With his open border policy on our Mexican boundary any hooligan, criminal, or terrorist can simply walk into our beloved land.

This is not senility or incompetence on his part. His policies have aided our enemies to have easy access into our country and create havoc and death wherever they so wish. Think with me about a small group of terrorists who cross the border with any type of explosive or chemical warfare device that they could release on unsuspecting citizens. How simple it would be for a shoulder held rocket to be directed into the Supreme Court building and the capital building. With just two or three rockets America would be without a government. On a more elaborate scale they do not need airplanes to crash into buildings. They already detonated explosives in the basement of the Twin Tower building. A dozen terrorists could scatter to key cities with high explosives and bring down Chicago, New York, or even your own hometown.

With the open border pedophiles and rapists no doubt has already crossed into America. We have in our criminal records what they have done to innocent residents. Yet this has been discounted and ignored by legislators. What if people were brought into the country by terrorist enemies that had in their system other viruses and, as a kamikaze pilot of World War II, they were willing to give their lives to see that these viruses were spread as far as possible? What if these invaders sanctioned by Biden brought chemical warfare elements into America and released them into our water system?

The man who cannot put three sentences together without a Teleprompter has brought discord on our international scene by what he has caused single-handedly in Afghanistan. Hundreds and hundreds of pro-American lives and soldiers have been brought to high risk by his actions. He is supposed to be the commander in chief that oversees the safety of our shores and our military troops. Instead, he has done everything possible to assure our enemies can re-group and empower themselves to initiate dastardly plans on our innocent people. He is not only put people oversees at risk, but he has also put every single citizen in North America at risk. If that is not treason, we owe an apology to Benedict Arnold!

What is even more disgusting are the impotent Republicans and communistic Democrats who have in effect supported this treason? That makes them accomplices to his crime. A second look at our government shows that we do not have a government at all! We have come to the end of our rope. There was a time in which our two-party system represented two opinions for what is best for our country. Now there is no debate. There is no two-party system. By action or inaction these legislators have shown their inability to lead our country. They make fancy speeches that amount to nothing. They pass bills in which most of the money lines their pockets and that of foreign entities. They do not see themselves as servants of the people but see the people as their servants to be ruled over.

We are at great risk as a country. Our sovereignty is threatened. Our standing in the world as the premier leader is mocked. Our enemies are making plans to invade other countries whereas before the strength of America was a deterrent to them. China, Russia, and the Middle East are prepared to do what they wish including bringing our grand nation to its knees. All of this is because the man who sits in the Oval Office is a traitor!

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