America is headed toward a Dictatorship

We are a spoiled materialistic people. We want instant gratification. We think all the world around us is hunky-dory. That is, until we come to the dastardly militant government that has captured us by treacherous lawmakers. We misunderstand that our way of life is at risk.

The fact is that complying to the Constitution is an honorable way of government. Only the wicked in Washington DC look at the Constitution as an impediment to the everyday rule over its citizens. To honor the Constitution is voluntary. There has been wrangling over many years whether it is a static document or a fluid document subject to social norms. This debate can be traced all the way back to the time it was originally written. But there is no debate about the nature of our Constitution. There is a push to eliminate it in favor of a type of government not for the people and by the people.

Now we are facing a new drastic situation in our lives. Those who manipulated the election of 2020 do not seek to honor the Constitution but to water it down. They do not offer alternative ideas. They do not want to comply to the script of the Constitution. They want to be the elite without a middle-class in America over which they can rule.

Unfortunately, many citizens remain ignorant and unconcerned that we are headed toward a totalitarian government. We are headed toward a Nazi style of socialism that is overtaking our laws and way of life. Other countries have already experienced such dictatorships even as close as Cuba. Those citizens vehemently object to being ruled over for the sake of the elite minority. Our population is so disjointed from world events that a dictatorship is all but certain in our beloved land.

Do not think this is impossible! It is very possible. Efforts to control our daily lives, our health, and our finances are already happening. America can so horribly and easily change by laws pushed through by the communist Democratic Party or by a presidential executive order. Do not think me ignorant to say this. A ridiculous example is the executive order that says men pretending to be women can go in a little girls’ restroom!

Those in the highest ranks of our military are sympathetic to divorcing the Constitution in favor of socialism. They were appointed by the architects of this current fiasco. They are prejudiced against the American people. They too want power. They also are unconcerned about your personal freedoms.

Anyone with both eyes open and both ears listening can testify to the truth of this. Everything is being done to bankrupt America. Anything is on the table to cause us to relinquish that which we assume so easily. The hundreds and hundreds of lives that were lost in the twenty-year war of Afghanistan has become null and void to turn that country in our favor. The steps Biden has taken make no sense unless we recognize he wants to flood our borders with people who will take jobs and tax our healthcare and legal system.

There is no quality of care or concern of the American way of life. At least not from Washington DC. Do not count on that town being the Savior of your rights and privileges that you have enjoyed in the past. It will not take much more until all is lost and America becomes a second-rate country. All of this is the design of Biden and his cohorts.

We have no authority in the House of Representatives or the Senate because we have no majority. There is no legal way under the Constitution to divest ourselves of this traitor and his buddies. We must resist the efforts of the communist Democratic Party. We must say, “No!” We must not comply with their continuing efforts to control us. We must not conform to the totalitarianism at our doorstep.

It may come to the point that was said during our Revolutionary war by Patrick Henry, “Give me liberty or give me death!” Would you take such a stand? How far will you go to resist the rebirth of America into a Nazi regime?

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