Chaos in America

In just seven months America has been turned upside down. People are questioning the motive of the person in the White House and those that support him. He is so Inept that his decisions would be humorous if they did not have such serious consequences.

Perhaps a more important question to ask is why God has allowed this chaos and turmoil to occur in our domestic and foreign scene. Has God turned us out to pasture so we can suffer the consequences of our own sins? Never in the history of America have so many people in places of government colluded to what seems will be the downfall of America!

A good reference point for our answer is in Matthew 24, 25. First understand that the words in those chapters were primarily directed to Jews in the coming catastrophe there would be the fall of Jerusalem. However, a closer understanding of these words of Jesus shows that he is also offering us guidance for what will become in our near future.

First, pay attention to key versus that anchor what we should know. Verse two of chapter 24 is a prophecy for the year 70 A.D. when the Roman general Titus destroyed Jerusalem. In verse six Jesus says there will be wars and rumors of wars, but the end is not yet. Certainly, the coming Holocaust in Afghanistan fits that description plus the emboldening of China and Russia against America. In verse seven and eight Jesus talks of natural disasters and says this is the beginning of sorrows. In verse twelve Jesus tells of the increased iniquity in the world that results in the love of people going cold.

Throughout the world the end shall come. Certainly, with all of the evangelical efforts and missionary outreach the gospel has been preached. That means the stage is set for the beginning of the tribulation. Immediately before the tribulation those that know Christ as Savior will be taken from the earth in what is commonly called the rapture. This leaves the people on earth to their own devices. This leaves them falling to the charms of the antichrist.

Verse twenty-one begins Christ’s dissertation concerning what he calls the great tribulation.

In verse thirty-six Jesus reminds us of the days of Noah and the wickedness that was on the earth resulting in the great flood. Going on to chapter 25, Jesus gives parables about readiness for when he does come to earth. He talks about faithfulness versus a time in which Jesus will judge the nations as well as individuals.

How does this relate to the chaos in America? Look closer to these chapters and see how America’s condition is primed for the rapture and the tribulation. God allowed this chaos to occur in preparation for his plans concerning mankind. This is not political upheaval nor is it the power wielded by the communist Democratic Party. This is a precursor to the time when the Antichrist appears as the savior for all the world’s problems. He even promises the Jews that they will have their temple rebuilt.

The people in authority that are causing this chaos are the forerunners of prophecy to be soon fulfilled. They are instruments of Satan. In a naïve way they are laying the groundwork for the drastic change that will occur in human history. These people think they are merely reinventing America’s government. They are so far from the gospel truth that they do not realize they are pawns in the hands of Satan.

What can we do? We may be able to institute the twenty-fifth amendment of the Constitution declaring the president inadequate to serve. Some people are seriously considering an outright revolution against this rogue government. They feel duty bound to save the quality of life that Americans have enjoyed for over two hundred years.

The wisest thing any individual can do is realize they must come to a place and a time in which they make a decision to turn their lives over to Christ. They cannot evolve into a righteous condition. They cannot transition to a time in which they are prepared to argue with God that they have been a good person and should not go to hell.

Every single one of us must realize that Jesus is the only way to the father. We all must realize that we must have a deeply sincere conviction that Jesus is the son of God who died on the cross for us, and we want to appropriate that sacrificial death to ourselves and a healing relationship with the Almighty. It is simple yet complicated. Salvation is easily available, but it must be acquired through faith and the request for forgiveness for our wayward nature and the sins we have committed.

Where do you see yourself in the near future? Are you prepared for the return of Christ? Or will you find yourself going into a great tribulation in which all of nature is in revolt and chaos rules? Will you have a new beginning today with Christ or will you face a coming end to everything you know and love because of the rule of antichrist?

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