Do You Know the Definition of These Bible Words?

Saved, salvation… We often see signs that say, “Jesus saves.” But what does that mean? From what is a person saved? We are saved from the results of our natural selves that is more inclined to sin than obey God. Therefore, we are saved from ourselves and as a result are saved from hell.

Baptism… there have been many forms and uses of this word in the Old and New Testament. It is used to represent a change from what was to what shall be. The Greek word means to immerse. This is why a person is submerged in water. It is also an indication for the burial of the old person and in coming out of the water the resurrection of the new person in Christ.

Disciple, apostle… these words are often used interchangeably even by the apostle Paul. However, the word disciple means student and that is what they were as they followed Jesus, learning from him. The word apostle means sent out ones. The followers of Christ changed from being a learner to men who evangelized by being sent to all parts of the world by Christ.

Repent… When the Bible says we must repent of our sins, the Greek word means about-face as would a soldier who was marching. It is to stop from going one direction and go the complete opposite. When we repent it is our intention to stop the lifestyle we have had and live in a completely different way influenced by the Holy Spirit.

Sin… There are other words in the Bible with a similar connotation as this word. To accumulate the meaning of all of these words we should understand the attitude and conduct of a person in sin. It means to throw away the life that God expects of us and live by our own standards. That means to be a rebel against God. It means to miss the mark of perfection.

Verily… often Jesus would begin a statement with this word. His intent is to say, “Listen, I have something very important to say to you.”

Tempt, temptation… the King James version of the Bible can give us a misunderstanding when it says God tempts. In that case he means to test for the purpose of a person discovering how he will respond. It is either for the benefit of the person or for God’s glory. Most of the time, however, the idea of these words is to do wrong or go into sin. We can tempt ourselves, or Satan tempts us, or other people could tempt us. In any case that means to do something wrong.

Church… in the Bible this word is used for the whole or universal Body of Believers. It is also used to refer to a local body of believers. Never is it used to refer to a building. The Greek word means the called-out ones. This is consistent with the Scripture that says, “come out from among them.” It is impossible for a believer not to be called out from the world.

Sanctify, sanctification… These words mean to be set aside for a holy purpose. After the tabernacle was built in the wilderness, every single item was said to be sanctified. The idea is also for humans as part of their salvation experience because after a person receives Christ as their Savior they are set aside for a holy purpose. This does not mean a onetime event. When a person is experiencing sanctification, the person is progressing in their relationship to Christ as led by the Holy Spirit.

Testament… This word is used to indicate a contract or covenant. At the Lord’s supper, Jesus said that he was establishing a New Testament or new covenant. Throughout various dispensations of time God made an agreement with people. For instance, he made a covenant with Abraham that he would be the father of a nation.

Hell … There are three words in the Bible that the King James version translates as hell. One is the place of the departed who are in torment because they have not accepted God. The second simply means at death the person left the body and was in a place where their soul went. In the New Testament this place was called Abraham’s bosom or place of the righteous. When Christ was resurrected, he emptied that location and took the people to heaven. That is why after Christ’s resurrection, a righteous person is said to go up while in the Old Testament the person is said to have gone down. The third word is for a special compartment for the fallen angels when the Bible says they are chained and kept until Judgment Day.

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