Thanks to Biden 9-11 Will Probably Occur Again

When the attack occurred on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon twenty years ago, I was in uniform at my military base. I was immediately told that I should go to Washington DC. As a chaplain, it was my responsibility to provide spiritual and emotional support to those directly affected by the attack. Their friends and coworkers suddenly lost their lives in the attack.

So, where were you on that day? Were you at work or home? Were you shopping or visiting with friends? Wherever you were the events of that day had a direct effect on you. New laws were immediately implemented, and the military was put on high alert. We were at war!

Our world will never be the same. With Biden providing the Taliban with armaments, airplanes, and ammunition by his quick pull out of Afghanistan we are now in danger more than twenty years ago. At this point we are more vulnerable and more susceptible and in more places throughout the United States.

We are so more available to tragedy by the treason committed by Biden and his generals.

We must be vigilant and aware of any potential for terrorists to take our lives.

All this is said in the light that the communist Democrats want to take away our guns. What irony! They want us to be helpless to defend ourselves. They want us to be under their total control while at the same time terrorists could kill us.

Most people are fearful of losing their lives. However, they have little concern that for other reasons their soul could leave their bodies. It could be the result of a car accident or illness or foolishness on our part.

What if you had the ability to glimpse into the other side of life? What would you see and hear and feel? Would you be prepared for when your time comes?

There is hope in Christ Jesus because of his resurrection his followers need not fear death. They have the promise of eternal life in heaven. There were those who died in the Twin Towers and were prepared to meet their maker. There were those who were not prepared.

We need not fear what could happen in this life or what would occur in the next life because of Jesus Christ. Believing in him is far more than a doctrine or part of theology. Believing in him transcends any reality. It gives us confidence that whatever we face we are not alone.

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