Terrorists and Biden

Woman in burqa

So-we now are going to have the government Of Afghanistan officially run by terrorists and whose armament was funded by Biden. Their inauguration ceremony will be on the same day this Saturday of 9-11 which is the twentieth anniversary of the attack on Twin Towers. Four of the main government officials of the Taliban were prisoners at Guantánamo Bay and released by Obama and are now able to return to terrorism.

What is it that makes these people think that it is okay to kill others in the name of Allah? It is a historical fact that Muhammed created his religion of Islam by capturing caravans and demanding they convert to his way of thinking or be killed. Such militant attacks on the common people became so strong that it is now the second largest religion in the world next to Christianity.

How naïve can Biden be when he just asked for diversity within the government of the Taliban? Women are possessions to them and can easily be punished or killed for the slightest infraction of their laws. Let us look inside this religion of terrorists that has kidnapped the Afghan government.

Muhammed’s recitations were written down by his followers and collected into what they call the Koran. As he presented himself to be a prophet, he met with great resistance from his own society because many of them were polytheistic. This led to his declaration of monotheism which should be distinguished from Christian monotheism which says there is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit who are one God. This is why Muslims say that Allah is one God. The word Muslim means one who lives his life according to God’s will. Islam means submission to God.

The requirement of all Muslims are defined as pillars. They must declare that there is only one God, and Muhammed is his messenger. They must offer prayer each day. They must pay an obligatory tax which is supposed to be for the needy. They must fast during the daylight hours in the month of Ramadan. And if at all possible, they should make the pilgrimage to Mecca called Hajj at least once during their lifetime. Friday is their holy day gathering in community prayer in the mosque. Considered as part of one of the pillars is jihad. It means struggle. It is a holy war of force until the unbelievers submit.

The place of women in Islam is that of an inferior and subordinate status. Paradise after death is a place where every man’s desires are met. He will have available to him perpetual versions of physical gratification.

The expansion of Islam was done largely through military action into other parts of the region. These armies moved in rapid succession capturing most of the Middle East. Some said that their expansion was for religious reasons, but others said it was for plunder and common activity. The Byzantine Empire was brought to his knees by the Muslim religion. The soldiers had religious zeal to convert those that they called idolaters to Islam. These armies spread throughout northern Africa and even toward Spain.

The law of Muslim lands is called Shari’a. There are two primary groups of Islam. They are Shiites and Sunnis. These two groups were in opposition or who should be the leader of Islam. Many of the Muslims in the United States entered as immigrants and organize themselves as the Islamic Society of North America. A Muslim could not believe that they can have a personal relationship with God which is contrary to Christians. There is no difference between the sacred and the secular thinking in their way of life. Certain verses in the Koran seen to contradict previous verses. This is rationalized by saying it is not error but it’s current relevancy.

Some behaviors are to be prohibited by the Muslim such as gambling, drinking alcohol, and stealing. It is interesting to note that the night before the attack on the Twin Towers those terrorist indulged themselves in alcohol and women. It is their belief that when an injustice has been done, fighting to avenge it is required. Aggression is to be backed with force until the enemy ceases to resist. Marriage is considered a contract rather than a sacrament. To rationalize the forgiveness of extramarital sex they have instituted a temporary marriage. Currently with the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan, older man can now have girls as young as twelve years old be there brides.

It is a desire of Muslims that Israel be eliminated from the face of the earth. Since Israel was established as a nation, the Palestinians were also granted their own territory but refused to accept that. They see Zionists as interlopers on their territory. They adamantly refused to accept Jews as their neighbors. Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian leader at that time, was so adamant against this division of territories that he forced his own people to live in tents for many years. I personally have seen pictures of this.

The animosity of radical Muslims against Israel and the United States reached a fever point with what is called Al Qaeda, the terrorist network that sought to establish Islamic order under a Taliban government. How horrible it is that under the Biden administration this dream of terrorists is in the process of coming true.

Taliban took control of Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, on August 15. With Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani fleeing the country, thousands of citizens including a large number of women are trying to leave Afghanistan in despair. To this day there are Americans trapped and fearful of their safety. Videos and images showed civilians falling off C-17 planes during take-off after clinging onto aircraft’s landing gear. We need to make it a serious prayer for the Christian Afghanis. The Death Horse will be riding throughout the country.

The Aziz Bank incident, where working women were pulled out of the facility and sent home showed how women’s condition will be under the Taliban regime. In early July, Taliban fighters barged inside Aziz Bank situated in Kandahar and ordered women working in the bank to leave the place. They were asked not to return to work ever again. However, they were given an option to fill the vacancy by sending one of their male family members to work instead of them.

For terror groups, the families of martyrs are rewarded. Anecdotal evidence suggests that terrorists reward children of the Taliban, for example, by giving a lump sum to their families.

It looks like the situation women had to face in 1996 is going to return. It can be noted that before Taliban took over Afghanistan in 1996, women formed 25 percent of the working force in government offices. But on Sept. 30, 1996, Taliban said that women working outside their homes was a breach of purdah and Sharia law and banned women from any kind of employment. Here are 10 rules women had to follow during Taliban’s previous rule in Afghanistan.

1) Living in Purdah

Taliban had vowed to bring back an environment where ‘chastity’ or ‘dignity’ of women was considered as sacrosanct. Based on Pashtunwali beliefs about living in purdah, burqa was made compulsory for women all times in public. The regime claimed that “the face of a woman was a source of corruption” for men not related to them. Thus girls had to start wearing Burqa when they turned eight.

2) Education, a Distant Dream

Every girl had to stop going to school when they turned eight. Until then too, they were allowed to learn only Quran. Thus under Taliban’s previous regime, women sought education in underground schools. But if caught in action by Talibanis, they were not only fogged in public but were executed.

3) Visit to Doctors Banned

Women were not allowed to visit doctors or get treated by male doctors unless they were accompanied by a blood relative or husband. Many women were not even taken to doctors by family members and their illness remained untreated.

4) Banned from Streets, Balconies and Windows

Women could not walk alone on street, without being accompanied by a blood relative and without wearing a burqa. Windows of houses situated on ground-floor and first-floor had to be painted or screened to prevent women from being visible from the street. Women were not allowed to take a stroll on open balconies.

5) No to Shoes and Voice

Women were barred from wearing high-heel shoes. The reason: Taliban did not want men to hear women’s footsteps in fear of it exciting them. Women were also not allowed to speak loudly in public as their voice was not supposed to reach any stranger.

6) No Pictures Please

Women’s pictures [photographs] were not allowed to be published in newspapers, books, shops. Their presence was not allowed on radio, television or any kind of public gathering. In fact, the term women or woman was not to be used as a title anywhere. The names of shops that had women [like in ‘Women’s Saloon’ or ‘Women’s Garden’] was changed after Taliban took control in 1996.

7) Ban on Rides

Women were not allowed to ride bicycles or motorcycles. They could not even board a taxi without being accompanied by a blood or close male relative. In fact, there were separate buses for women to prevent any contact with males who were not related to them. A woman was gang raped and then beaten for allowing this to happen.

8) Forced Marriage

Taliban rule encouraged the marriage of women under the age of 16. Thus Amnesty International reported that at least 80 percent of women were forced into marriage before they turned 16.

9) Confinement

Without much freedom even inside the house, women were said to have been suffering from mental stress due to isolation. According to one of the surveys [160 women took part in the survey], 97 percent of women were suffering from depression and 71 percent of them were also physically ill.

10) Punishments

Even wearing make-up and nail varnish led to severe punishments like cutting off of the thumb. Other punishments for breaking the Sariah law included beatings on the street, being lashed on legs and back, striking them with a metal and leather whip, and even execution.

And this is the door that our Biden has opened wide upon the United States and the rest of the world! Be afraid-be very afraid.

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