Can You Solve Your Most Pressing Need?

You have a problem that can only be solved by Jesus Christ. For the destitute of the world that do not have adequate food and water, there is a bigger problem. For the elite leadership of the world that seeks to keep control of the population, you have another larger problem.

For the young person that is unsure of marriage, finance, or children, this is not your biggest problem. For the middle-aged person that needs to plan adequately for retirement or deal with poor health, this issue is not your problem. For the senior citizen that does not have adequate care in old age and has serious medical problems, there is a problem larger than what you think.

Your biggest problem can be phrased in several ways, but it all means the same thing.

What will happen to you after you die?

Some people believe they will be recycled as a different creature. Some people believe that there is nothing beyond the grave. Some people believe they are willing to leave their eternal soul on a chance that they will be okay. These are just some examples of how people deal with the afterlife. The problem is that there is no certainty in these responses.

There is only one Sure Way that the part of humanity that lasts forever will be secure.

In recent blogs we have discussed the mathematical certainty that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Then we discovered why Jesus as God took on human flesh to die on the cross for the sins of every single person in the world in the past, present, and future. His intention was twofold – to defeat the power of Satan and to defeat the power of death. He did this by dying on the cross and then being resurrected from the dead.

Since our discussion we must conclude that Jesus is the only person in any time frame that can be God and make a way for our sins to be forgiven and that we will not be dead forever. Instead, we will live forever in heaven because of Christ.

The next step for us to consider is what do we do with all this information. What should be our response?

After confessing our sin and believing in our hearts Jesus is the Savior, there is one more point to keep in mind.

Do not go through the motions saying you are a believer unless you live a believer life. It is the responsibility of every believer to allow the Holy Spirit to have dominance over your thoughts and emotions and behavior. As said by others, “You must talk the walk and walk the talk.” The half-brother of Jesus (James) said, “faith without works is dead.” After accepting Christ as personal Savior, your life should be changed. People should see something different in you. Put God first in every part of your life.

As the apostle Paul declared, after we accept Christ as your Savior, “you are a new creation in him.” Become a believer and be the believer. The first and highest priority in your life must be to serve God and glorify him.

 Know that you are a different person who becomes an alien to this world and is headed toward an eternal home in heaven with Jesus.

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