Early American Horrors

We honor Christopher Columbus for discovering the new world. He and his men ventured across the Atlantic Ocean in little more that an egg carton with a sheet attached to it. There are those who would criticize him for his supposed treatment of the natives. That is simple hindsight because if those people who are critical lived at that time, they would have the same behavior and same attitudes as Columbus.

Let’s look at other people who have been disenfranchised. The situation of the person brought from Africa against his will is terrible. Other tribes captured people in Africa and brought them to the slave ships. The condition that those people experienced was so horrible that many of them died. Then they were denigrated to the level of cattle sold on the open market.

However, the Native Americans were treated just as badly because they had their lands and source of food taken from them. They were deceived and lied to on paper. If you have not heard of the Trail of Tears, you need to find out how that the president ignored the ruling of the Supreme Court that the Indians had a right to their land. Instead he ordered the military to march those people halfway across the United States to Oklahoma. The president broke the law and no one did anything about it

Yet you do not hear anything about reparations to the Indian population who in many cases are still living on reservations in abject poverty. If anything, they should have their own representatives in Congress because this land was their land before it became ours.

Here are examples of very bad situations. All of them are wrong. Yet, history cannot be changed. What this proves is the corrupt nature of humanity. These crimes against other people were done because of greed and hatred. We have learned nothing from our past on how to treat others and what God expects of us.

Christopher Columbus did make a positive effort by bringing a missionary with him to the new land. He did pray for the conversion of the heathen as he called them. He was what other people would call a man with good intentions. His efforts cost him much that affected his family and his health. The result is that he benefited little from finding the New World. For posterity he got his name on the calendar.

Let us learn from the criticism that goes against Christopher Columbus, against the treatment of slaves, and the abuse of the American Indian. Let us learn that to serve God also includes serving our fellow man.

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