The Fire is Blazing!

We walk through life with the same routines in the same location with the same results. Most people would resent any interruption to the expectations they have for their day. Most people are even comfortable with the circumstances they face each day. They know what to expect of themselves and of other people nearby. They know what their efforts will produce and what is expected from the decisions they make.

Learn from a man’s experiences that was recorded in the Old Testament who was just like this. In his early years he committed a murder and ran to escape the consequences. He created a new life that was opposite of his former palace experiences. Because of his crime, he lost all of the luxuries that were his. He ran far into the desert, became a shepherd. found a wife and had children. He was resolute to how this would be for the rest of his life.

Then suddenly God interrupted his day by causing a bush to be on fire, it was blazing yet was not consumed! Naturally this caught the attention of Moses, and he went to check out this amazing spectacle. As he approached the blazing fire, he heard a voice that was undoubtedly God talking to him. Through this experience he was instructed to go back to Egypt and lead the Hebrews out of their slavery in Egypt. Today the Jews remember that time by celebrating the Passover.

Moses made several excuses not to go; after all, he was comfortable in his lifestyle with his family. Everything was predictable for him. That was not good enough for God. It was time for the Hebrews to go to their own land. He then used the excuse that he stuttered, and God said that he would send his brother Aaron to be his spokesperson.

Among all of his excuses, God responded to Moses by saying, “what is that in your hand?” He replied, “It is my shepherd staff.”

You may be comfortable with your life now. You don’t want any changes. You don’t want any ripples. You don’t want any obligations. But God may not be satisfied with where you are.

Conversely, you may not be comfortable with your life at all. You still may not want any changes, but do not know how to be delivered from your problems. You would like things to be different but may have resolved yourself to the fact that it will not be.

I challenge you today. Like God said to Moses, “what is that in your hand?” I so ask you what is in your hand? What is it that you already have but are not aware that it can bring your answer? You may never even thought about that staff in your hand. You tell yourself that there is no way out, there is no way for improvement or betterment.

Perhaps there is a blazing fire before you. Perhaps there is something that is unusual or has interrupted your thinking. Perhaps God does not want you to be hiding in the desert any longer while making the best of your life that you can. Maybe if you look a little closer you might find that God is in your own personal burning and blazing fire. Take a new look around your life and there could be a staff. You might be holding it in your hand- the very answer to which God will respond to you.

Are you willing not to make excuses? Are you willing to accept what is right before your eyes and what God has for you by that which you are holding in your hand? What you already have can be your answer and you just never thought of it. Too many times we expect God to work some type of miracle so that our problems are solved. The burning bush illustration tells us that God very likely will work through the natural surroundings you have and provide a challenge through what you already are holding. There is no answer that is good for everyone, but one just for you.

To solve your problem or help somebody else solve their problem, first worship before God and then take inventory of what you have. Willingness to accept change and responsibility is a big step in your life. Moses used that staff to part the Red Sea so the Hebrews could cross on dry land to their safety. He struck the water, and his people went forth.

Look for your blazing fire. Look to see what is in your hand. Look to see how you can step forward for God. Strike your own personal Red Sea and go forth to a new life in a new land. Allow change to happen.

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