When did Jesus know He was God?

We know by prophecy, by the miracles that Jesus did, and by his own words, Jesus is the Son of God and, therefore, God himself. Jesus said you have seen me you have seen the father. However, the question remains at what point did Jesus become aware that he was God?

His brothers struggled with the idea that Jesus was the Messiah. After his resurrection, they came to the conclusion through faith that their brother truly was the Messiah. They served him and worshiped him.

They decided on all the evidence available that Jesus is God. Now the question I put to you is when did Jesus realize he was God? Imagine the power and the implications for a human being to look at his hands and feet and say these are the hands and feet of God. What persuaded Jesus to come to this conclusion? Bear in mind that Jesus was not just a good man that avoided sin. Understand that Jesus was above the prophets and angels as the Son of God. So, when did Jesus decide that he was God?

One of the mile markers in Jesus’ life was that as a 12-year-old he was confounding the rabbis in the temple. Mary and Joseph searched for him diligently and eventually found him saying how concerned they were since he seemed to disappear. Jesus’ reply was that he had to be about his father’s business. This must mean by that time Jesus had an awareness of his divine relationship with the Heavenly Father.

The Bible teaches that when Jesus was born the Angels pronounced him to be the Savior of the world, but that does not mean as an infant he was aware of his own identity.

We cannot say that a certain point there was some epiphany that came down upon Jesus to say he was God. His own awareness of his relationship in the heavenly kingdom seems to have grown gradually. The Bible says that as a youngster Jesus grew in favor with God and man.

We can only conclude that from the time of his youth until age 12 Jesus had a gradual awareness of his divine nature. We can only say that as he grew physically, he grew spiritually, mentally, and emotionally he concluded that he was God and the Son of the Father.

When John the Baptist baptized Jesus, a voice from heaven said that this is my Son in whom I am well pleased. This became the confirmation and realization for who Jesus was.

As Jesus grew, he came to realize that he was called to be the Savior of the world, the Lamb of God, and God himself on earth. He knew as a 12 years old, he had a mission assigned to him by heaven. When he began his ministry, the direction of his life and the confirmation for his identity was declared by the Father himself. We can say that Jesus believed he was the Son of God and that at his baptism this was confirmed.

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