Wars and Rumors of Wars Are Happening Today!

With Russia invading Ukraine and China waiting their turn to invade Taiwan, this certainly is a time of wars and rumors of wars. The tension that we and the rest of the world are experiencing has never occurred in our lifetime. There are so many uncertainties. Consequently, there are a lot of fears experienced by people around the world.

Some are attempting to present themselves as a political Savior. Such is Putin. Others have convinced themselves that they are right regardless of the consequences on the rest of the world.  Such is Biden. Turmoil and frustration are rampant.

Anyone who is familiar with the New Testament will recall what Jesus said in Matthew 24 and 25. Before examining what those chapters, we must remind ourselves that this is the scene of Jewish disciples asking questions of the Jewish Rabbi about the Jewish future. Also, these disciples asked three questions: when shall these things be? What shall be the sign of your coming?  And what shall be the sign of the end of the world? Interwoven within the answers of Christ are prophecies.

History confirms that some Christian Jews in Jerusalem took the warnings of Christ seriously just 35 years after he spoke them. When the Roman General Titus invaded Jerusalem in 70 A.D, they did their best to escape the city. Some of the Jews that did not believe were captured and taken to Rome to help build the Coliseum as slaves. Consequently, there was no more a Jewish nation until 1948 when the UN recognize their territory as present-day Israel.

There are some prophecies that have gained little attention which Jesus said in that same context of Matthew.

He said there would be antichrists and false prophets who would appear to lead people astray. Certainly, this has been realized even on our own lifetime with the increase of cults and heretical ministers. In many cases it is difficult to find a church where the pastor preaches the Christian gospel. Instead, they preach a social gospel that will bound people to hell without the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Cults and false gospel are the rage these days.

He prophesied that there would come a time in which people would be offended by Christianity. In some circles it is not politically correct to say you are Christian. He said people would betray each other. And hatred will abound. Watch your TV, listen to the radio, look at the newspaper, and I know you will agree that this prophecy of Christ has come true as well.

He said iniquity would abound. In my own lifetime I can recall when people tried to do what was right. They honored God and country. They were familiar with the Bible and applied it to themselves. They were appalled if their neighbors did not do the same. When I was in elementary school, I was confused with all the raucous across the hall from my classroom. It seems that a student pushed his teacher. That was something that simply was not done! Now, in many cases, schools are a very unsafe place for our children to learn.

Another prophecy of Jesus that is overlooked says that the love of people would wax cold. That word love is thrown around so easily. And in so many unfortunate cases whether they be teenager or adult, the idea of love is self-serving. It is a form of manipulation to gain something from the other person. It is a justification for doing what is blatantly wrong. Allow me to paraphrase what I think Jesus meant. He said that love would turn to indifference. When I had my mental health practice, a woman brought her child for counseling saying that she was rebellious. At one point I asked the mother which she would prefer to have. Would you want a positive relationship with her daughter, or would she want unquestioning obedience? I was appalled that the woman bypassed a positive relationship just so that the girl would do what she was told regardless of the circumstances.

Jesus foretold that the gospel of the kingdom would be preached in all the world before the end came. This is a time in which missionaries have gone to the ends of the earth and Bibles have been disseminated even in communist ruled countries. Sad is the case that the America who was a great evangelist of the world is now backslidden and needs to come back to God.

Later in the answers Jesus gave, he said that the end time would be like that of the days of Noah in which they were eating and drinking and marrying and giving in marriage. So many people prefer to cater to the whims of their physical body while ignoring their spiritual eternal self. While this is happening, marriage is looked upon with disdain today. Many live without it sanctioned and promises made. There are those who marry and get a divorce and marry and get a divorce all while ignoring how serious it is to take a vow of matrimony before God.

So you see, Russia’s attack on Ukraine is just part of the picture. There are a number of people who even believe this will escalate to World War III. The political picture of our world is horrifying. Equally so, are the truths that I’ve outlined above before the end of times come. Take these words seriously from Jesus. Also, take serious how you live your life that it would be pleasing to God.

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