Russia – China – Ukraine – Taiwan

We cannot be so simplistic as to think that there is only one potential outcome of the Russian attack on Ukraine. Certainly, we have a situation in which David is standing up to Goliath. As the war drags on, there may be a variety of consequences on the European stage. It is important that we realize the ulterior motives of Putin. It is equally important that we appreciate the determination of the Ukrainian people.

Forgotten history has clouded most people’s understanding of Putin’s motives. For sure, he does not want to be surrounded by countries who are members of NATO. This would present a military threat to him. This would give him the picture of all Europe standing up against Russia. As long as Ukraine is not a member of NATO, that small country is the cushion against the other countries that are members of NATO. If Ukraine becomes a member of NATO, the rest of the European countries are obligated to defend it.

Putin’s war could weaken his authority and dominant position over Russia. Already we know that the citizens of Russia do not approve of his attack on Ukraine. How far that disapproval goes might result in him being deposed. He may win the war with Ukraine and lose his presidency over Russia.

If Ukraine wins, it will be a great humiliation of the Russian army. We know that members of the Army are not fully convinced that they should be part of an attack on a neighboring country. Their hearts are not in the warfare. Ukraine could be greatly emboldened as a more powerful nation in Europe. Their standing in the European political arena might become a leader that other countries should follow to advance democracy.

Regardless of the outcome, this wartime situation has once again shown the ineptitude of Biden. He lives in a fantasy world accompanied by deluded demons of the Democratic Party. He is trying to do as much damage to America and the rest of the world as he can before losing his authority this November. The way this man thinks is frightening. The way this man acts is more than disappointing. His priorities depend on the moment. This European war is another notch in the belt of the Republicans to take him down from his pedestal. Beyond any doubts, he will always wear the crown as the worst president in the history of the United States.

If a truce is negotiated between Ukraine and Russia, the winner will still be Ukraine. Already Putin’s assassination squad against President Zelenskyy has failed. How many times will Putin need to fail before he changes his tactics? He has been accused of war crimes. The economy within his own country has diminished. At the sacrifice of his global image and the well-being of his citizens, this man’s intent is singular. Already, he has been compared to Hitler. His earlier evil behavior while ruling Russia is now coming to light before all the world.

Remember that China is watching this European situation very closely. They are watching how the NATO nations are behaving in the shadow of Russia. They already know how weak the presidency of the United States is. China’s bidding it’s time. Evil is on the world stage and evil is waiting on the sidelines.

Symbolically and spiritually, we can say that this war is that of atheism versus Christianity. It is atheism because that is the official stand within the Communist Party. It is Christianity because 80% of the population in Ukraine declare themselves as believers in Jesus Christ. Whatever will be the results, the lesson learned for all the world will be that God is in charge. Let us reinforce our own convictions to submit to God as the final authority in all the universe.

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