Spiritual Strength During War

We need the strength of weapons in an international war. Likewise, we need strength at the time we are being assaulted on a spiritual level. That extra strength will be a way to cope in our personal lives or during the chaos of the world around us.

Avoid being amazed at the chaos itself. It is so easy to pay more attention to what is happening around us than what is happening above us. When Jesus made it possible for Peter to walk on water, this was the same mistake that Peter made. The Bible said he saw the wind. He was amazed by the gust and not the Christ that called him to walk on the water. A misplaced vision will bring despair and frustration.

It is one thing to have knowledge about God saying that he will see us through. We can quote all the Bible verses that we want, but if trust is not extended to God, we put ourselves in a bad situation. Knowing something and acting on it are two separate things. I may know that I have a plane ticket in hand, but that is useless without getting on the plane.

It is best to speak often about God with the emphasis on the word often. What we say we hear, and what we hear out of our own mouth we apply to our thinking. The athlete running the race will never be a winner if he says to himself, “I can’t do this.” Fill your mind with the promises in the Scriptures. Give thanks to him. Because the human mind cannot deal with two things at the exact same moment, concentrate on the Lord and the devil will flee from you.

Share the Good News with others. Instead of being resolute, be responsive to any way God could use you that would uplift other people in times of peril. As Jesus said in the Beatitudes, blessed are the peacemakers for they shall have peace. By generating peace for others, we generated it for ourselves as well.

Know that the Holy Spirit and God’s angels are always available to fight in our behalf. The angels ministered to Jesus as he prayed in the garden of Gethsemane just before he was arrested and ultimately crucified.  Spiritual strength is not just generated from within ourselves. It is encouraged by God’s messengers.

Believe so intently that you convince yourself that you are able to face what is happening in the present time and what may happen in the future. The apostle Paul said, “I know that I know.” This is the definition of being grounded in God. This kind of belief contains no shadows of doubt.

Beware of the arrows Satan could send your way. His attack is relentless. He knows just where to strike us so that we surrender any potential resistance from within our souls. It is probably safe to say that Satan knows you better than you know yourself. For that matter, the devil knows how we each are vulnerable and will make I will will will will will will will will will will is is is is is isevery effort to rob our spiritual strength.

The Bible says that we should lift up holy hands in prayer and praise. Besides reading God’s word, prayer is a complementary source of strength in the midst of this world’s turmoil. Pray more to learn how that you might abide in God and less about the circumstances in your life. Let your prayer honor him. Seek for God to be glorified in all that happens.

Let your love of Christ be your guide. Acknowledge the war, but more often have knowledge of the God who owns victory. Gain spiritual strength in all these things and you will be able to stand strong.

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