Crisis, Calamity, and World War III

There is much talk about the possibility of a coming World War III. With that can also be the persecution of Christians more than ever. But how does one prepare to be persecuted? What if the government really does turn on its citizens? What if there was a significant number of restrictions? Here is a basic list of things we can do now. If there is no major persecution beyond what we currently experience, we’re still the better off. If there is a major persecution and we are not prepared, the persecution will be much worse.

  1. Memorizes as many Bible verses as you can. Who knows if there will be a mass burning of Scripture as was in the time of Hitler and Stalin?  Memorized verses will be a great comfort
  2.  Share the details of the coming of Jesus with each other. Even unbelievers expect there to be some end of the world. Surely Christian should know what that would look like.
  3. Build up a stockpile of food, clothing, and as much medication with first-aid supplies as possible. These things are a premium even now for the people in Ukraine. They know what it is like to miss the basic necessities of life.
  4. Should Christians no longer be allowed to freely worship in church, there needs to be a designated and secret location where to do this in small groups.
  5. If the pastor is arrested, have someone to back up his absence until and if he returns.
  6. Monitor your own attitude as a believer. Keep from being frustrated and fearful. Trust in the Lord regardless of anything that happens and rejoice in that trust.
  7. Know that the end of our current civilization as we know it is really the beginning of God’s plan fulfilled on earth. What is the ending of man is the beginning of God!
  8. Value each and every one in the congregation. Value the elderly for the resident knowledge they have. Value the active adult for the strength they have. Protect and teach the children the principles of Christianity.
  9. Divest yourself of any form of entertainment connected with worship. Never did the Bible suggest we should be entertained while worshiping.  Let your heart reach out to God through every song, Scripture, and prayer.
  10. Beware of additional onslaughts to the teachings of the Bible. There will be those, especially of influence, that countermand the basic teachings of Scripture.
  11. In a similar way, beware of governments and society’s demands to conform. Christians are new creations in Christ. There are pilgrims walking through this earth. They have another person, Christ, to whom they should conform. Christians should be the most nonconforming people.
  12. Accept the fact that there is no protection in the Constitution. The only value that the Constitution has was that everyone voluntarily agreed to abide by what it says. There is no fail safe system to keep Constitution a static document.
  13. If during these times of Christian persecution, you are still able to use the Internet, protect your password in any other way that you can to prevent hackers or government eavesdroppers.

 The suggestions I am offering here a sound like a radical speaking, and even sound like foolish words. But who would’ve ever thought that society would change so drastically as it has? Who would ever think that what Mr. Walt Disney started fifty years ago has been made into a Frankenstein monster denying even natural gender? We live in a whole different world than the time when we were born! Who knows where it will go from here? That is why I say be prepared.

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