The story of Noah and the ark is known in some form or the other in many cultures of the world. He, his family, and all the animals that God brought to him were on the ark plus the food necessary to sustain them throughout the ordeal of the flood. There were three levels on the ark to contain everyone and everything. They waited seven days before the flood came. Then it rained for forty days and forty nights. Afterwards, they drifted on the waters one hundred fifty days. Counting all the days listed, they were on the ark a full year. When they left the ark, God made a covenant with Noah saying that he would never cause such devastation again through floodwaters. The sign of his covenant was the rainbow. The fact that the seven human beings and all the animals were saved on the ark was indeed a miracle.

But consider the miracles that occurred during that year within the ark. What was it like living in that wooden box that was 450 feet long, 75 feet wide, and 45 feet high. The animals had to be fed. Consider the heat generated by all those animal bodies. Consider the smell of the excrement from all those bodies. Consider the noise made by all those creatures.

It must have been a miraculous day by day experience for God to sustained Noah and his family. They did not watch TV or play shuffleboard during that time. No doubt, it was hard work to maintain the zoo like environment. I owned horses for a while. Their stalls had to be routinely cleaned. I had to dispose of the contents from cleaning. Now think of seven people feeding the entire animal population and cleaning up after them. There would have been smells of ammonia and sulfur.

Now comes the miracles! They were given the strength to do this work. They never got sick nor did the animals. The constant badgering of waves from the flood did not bother them. The chemical smells did not bother them. In short, they lived a happy healthy life on the ark worshiping God and tending to their duties. This was an abundance of God support and intervention. There was not only the miracle of the flood, but there was also the miracle of living on the ark. God instructed Noah to do this and gave him the ability to accomplish it. This is a great lesson for us that God is with us during whatever flood we must experience.

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