Mass Shootings and Other Crimes

Nearly every day on the news someone has committed mass shootings at schools, at restaurants, anywhere. The natural question to ask is why, but who is willing to accept the answer?

Liberals claim guns are at fault. This is ridiculous. A gun is a tool in the same way a hammer is used to drive nails. It is always, always the human that is the cause of death like that of a drunk driver who kills. The car did not kill, the drunk driver did. That being said-why do these things happen and how have such tragedies become so much a part of our society?

I am old enough to remember in the 1950’s when this never happened. It was a time of television programs such as Father Knows Best and Leave it to Beaver. Today those type of shows are mocked. But it was that time of American history when people left their doors unlocked, and the clergy ranked high among those most respected. Today’s societal innocence is gone along with the idea of personal goodness.

There are those who seek to turn America into a godless secular society. If they do win, there will be terrible effects; even worse than it is now! It is totally absurd that the Supreme Court of America had to make a ruling on manger scenes at Christmas. In fact, submission to the Almighty God is considered foolish. The value of life is low. The value of personal responsibility is nil.

At the root of the problem is always sin. Sad to say, that is a word often ignored even from church pulpits. The idea of sin has become an obsolete concept. However, sin is a disease of the soul that needs healing. Sin ignored becomes send lived out. The disintegration of the traditional home as the spiritual unity of the nation becomes an indirect link to the horrific shootings of innocent victims. The nonsensical stand of the CEO of Disney is a prime example of the waywardness that our country is experiencing. Walt Disney would be so disgusted.

It is time that we all face the facts. Sin is a part of everyone. I think of it as a cancerous hole in our souls. The reason Jesus is called savior is because he is the one who saves from this spiritual cancer. Take this as a call that America has a great spiritual need!

The clergy must preach about sin and repentance. People must confess and ask for forgiveness. Society as a whole must join together in service to God. Without an environment of spiritual healing, the downward spiral of society will continue. The problem must be taken to God. The time is now. The need has no equal.

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