Supreme Court Justice Nomination

Let us take a more objective view of the Supreme Court Justice nomination of Judge Jackson. There were certain allegations brought forward against her. The largest to me is her willingness to be soft on crimes against children or pedophilia. It has not been disputed by her supporters or herself that this was untrue. A few Republicans objected to her nomination. A few RINO Republicans quickly supported her. All in all, it was presumed that she would be on the court regardless of what was said about her because she was replacing a retiring justice that was also liberal.

Let us look at this closer. If the tables turn in the next ten or twenty years, when the Liberals gain control of the nominations for the Supreme Court, her horrible record will rally itself to support more terrible decisions that will be in the majority to be accepted as law.

What bothers me the most is that the Republicans said they were not going to treat her the way Judge Kavanaugh was treated by the Democrats. This goes to prove that the Republicans are themselves willy-nilly and eager to make a nice. It matters little how she was treated or how Judge Kavanaugh was treated. What matters is whether or not we want a judge of the Supreme Court that is making decisions that are immoral and easy on crime.

Perhaps it was a slam-dunk that she would be confirmed no matter what because the Democrats have the majority. I would preferred to have seen the Republicans scream and holler to the highest balcony for how terrible her history was. Do not ever rely on the Republicans to stand up for you if you are conservative! They are milquetoast people who were in it for the money and not for the people. If they were true patriots, they would have fought tooth and nail against her nomination even if it was presumed that they would lose. Instead, they showed their true colors and rolled over.

In addition, her nomination was a matter of pre-determined discrimination by Biden! It does not matter to me if it was a black woman that would be on the Supreme Court as long as she is qualified above all others. That was not the case of this nomination.

Sometimes I wonder what the worst for the country is: the Democrats or the Republicans.

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