The Corpse of Jesus in the Tomb

The mutilated body of Jesus lay that Saturday over two thousand years ago in a borrowed tomb waiting until the day of his resurrection. The Bible says that he was so marred that he would be beyond recognition. Flesh hung down from his forehead from the huge thorns stabbed by the crown pushed on to his head. His beard had been pulled out by its roots. His face was puffy with black and blue bruises from where he was beaten. His back virtually had no flesh on it from when he was flogged. Gaping holes replaced the nails driven to pin him to the cross.  Much his blood had drained from his body. For that reason, fluid gather around his heart and filled the pericardial sack. When the Roman soldier stabbed him in the side blood and water came forth. Throughout his body were scars from the beating he took when soldiers used rods to hit him. Likely, his body was stiff with rigor mortis. A light coating of spices covered his body hastily applied before dusk when the holy Sabbath would begin. Wrappings or a cloth was placed over his body. A huge stone was rolled in front of the entrance blocking all light and air. The atmosphere in the cave was nauseous from the fumes of the spices.

So was the condition of his body, but the spirit of Jesus had gone to the place called Paradise. There the Bible says he preached across a great gulf fixed to those who perished in the flood of Noah. The Greek word translated preach has several definitions. The one used here meant to announce. Jesus did not deliver a sermon with the expectation that anyone would be converted and become righteous. With him was the penitent thief who also died on the crucifixion cross according to the promise of Jesus.

So was that Saturday waiting for the next morning of resurrection!

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