Up, From the Grave He Arose!

Christmas would be of no value to us if Jesus had not risen from the dead. We would have still been in our sin without hope. It would be no alternative. An eternal separation between us and God would have been maintained. Worst of all—Satan would have won!


It seems like a preposterous idea that Jesus was resurrected, doesn’t it?

How can a man with his body so mutilated suddenly be healed and walked out of his grave?

Somehow a divine burst of energy shocked into that corpse where Jesus lay in the darkness.

The huge rock that blocked the entrance to the tomb was rolled away but was not rolled away so Jesus could leave. It was rolled away so others could enter to see that he was gone.

When the disciples entered where Jesus once was, an angel asked them why they sought the dead among the living. They said he was risen as he promised he would.

This was not something easy to swallow. They did not meander back to where the others were. They were not calm or sedate. The disciples did not believe or understand when Jesus told them ahead of time that he would rise from the grave in three days.

It was too fantastical to accept. It was one of those situations in which you hear the words that another person says, but do not process them. In their case, he told them many times. He tried to prepare them. but it was beyond comprehension. They tried to place those words in their minds into some category that fit their ability.

What do you think? It is probably one of the most ridiculous things ever been told to humanity that a man told others he would be murdered and then resurrected. This has been one of the major stumbling blocks of many people who see Jesus as a good man and a prophet but not a risen Lord. That is the faith of it all. There are multiple historical proofs even outside the Bible that this happened.

Some people say that the resurrection of Christ did not occur on Sunday because it was not three days from Friday to Sunday. The answer is simple. The Jews counted the beginning of the day at dusk. Dusk Thursday to dusk Friday to dust Saturday or three days followed by the resurrection of Christ on Sunday morning.

If we are to accept Jesus as God, we must also accept that he is risen from the grave. He rose for hope of eternity and that we need not fear death. Unfortunately, many Christians fear death. That is so unnecessary. At this very moment Jesus is alive.

The first Christians who saw Jesus resurrected did not evangelize the world to bring reformation to it. They did not broadcast good news of kindness and ethics alone. They actually saw and believed the Jesus who came back from the dead. This had such a profound effect on them that they left their homes and traveled all over the known world to tell others that there was hope in Jesus. They were so convicted they and others they told were willing to be martyred because of this fantastical idea that Jesus is risen.

God did not die on the crucifixion today. Only the body of Jesus died as a sacrifice for sin. He paid the ultimate price so that we could avoid punishment for the disease of sin contaminating our souls.

On resurrection Sunday, the spirit of Jesus entered back into his body. Angels rolled the stone away. He walked out to bring salvation to us all.

This is the reason why Sunday has become the day of worship for most Christian. The Bible tells us that on the first day of the week they gathered to sing, worship, and observe the Lord’s supper. Saturday remained the Sabbath for Jews. Sunday is the day of resurrection for Christians.

If only we could have a minuscule amount of enthusiasm and conviction that the early Christians had about the resurrection of Jesus. The world would be change for the better.

Instead, we wear our best clothes, go to church maybe once a year, have an Easter egg hunt, eat a great meal. Then we go about our business the next day with little actual effect on our spirits. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the most profound thing that ever happened to the world. Yet, we take it for granted.

Celebrate with me the resurrected Christ. Let this be a day of rededication so there we have a greater devotion to carry good news to the world that Jesus is alive; He is risen!

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